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Meri Padosan – movie review

An average comedy


Meri Padosan, movie review

Viju (Sanjay Mishra), a clerk and his wife Kavita (Sadhika Randhawa) have come from a small time to realise their dreams of a happy life in Mumbai – the city of opportunities. They lead a happy married life and it is explained that nothing can ever go wrong in the life of this couple. Meri Padosan movie review…

In their neighborhood are two friends – Prem (Snehal Dabhi) who is a media promoter and Aslam (Khayali) who works in a bank. A struggling film director Shyam Gopal Verma (Sarvar Ahuja) comes to stay with them.

Shyam gets to know that Live India channel is looking for a director and has invited filmmakers to make a short film. He starts thinking of the concept he should submit to emerge a winner.

One evening he sees his neighbor Kavita waiting for her husband Viju. He gets a chance to see Viju and Kavita’s romance. He decides to make a real life film of this couple’s love story. He shoots the movie secretly with a hired camera.
Whether it their verandah, living room or even bedroom, the whole house is visible from all angles. Sarwar, who is the director of this ‘real film’, starts writing the script in the life of Viju and Kavita by sowing seeds of suspicion between the couple.

One more character in Sarwar’s reality film Meri Padosan is roped as a paying guest whose role is to get close to his ‘bhabhiji’ Saadhika, and make the entire neighbourhood believe that there is something brewing between the two.

Suddenly, this so-called comedy turns into a dramatic with misunderstandings in Sanjay’s mind. In the end Sanjay and Saadhika become hot shot stars who are much sought after in Bollywood after the super success of their ‘real film’.

Except for Sanjay Mishra and Sarwar Ahuja the other performances are boring. Snehal Dabhi is getting typecast and Khayali the laughter challenge winner is annoying at times. Sadhika Randhawa does a lot of her skin show and then there is Heena Tasleem for more glam quotient with her hot moves to appease the front benchers.

Meri Padosan is decent in the start however in the middle and especially in the end it is an amateurish production. The concept of the gaining popularity of reality shows could have been presented in a much slicker approach. There are a couple of scenes that do evoke laughter, while the rest of the story just fizzles into mediocre fare.

It is full of inane and absolutely non-appealing jokes. The culmination to the tale is equally confusing. Story, screenplay and the music are just average.

Cast of Meri Padosan:
Shyam Gopal Verma – Sarvar Ahuja
Kavita – Sadhika Randhawa
Viju – Sanjay Mishra
Aslam – Khayali
Prem – Snehal Dabhi
Heena Tasleem
Ashok Bagla

Credits & Crew of Meri Padosan:
Banner: Sagar Creations
Producer: Ashok Bagla
Director: Prakash Saini
Lyricist: Rishi Azad, Jai Salwan
Music Director: Ravi Meet, Manoj Negi
Meri Padosan, movie review