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Men will be Men – movie review

A dull life for these friends who yearn for some thrill in their lives


Men will be Men - movie review

Gaurav Chopraa, Rohit Khurana and Rajesh Kumar, the well known faces of television serials, eyeing to enter the bollywood film industry, fail to create an impact with this film – Men will be Men.

Four friends, working in the same office frequently meet in the evenings for a drink. One evening it is felt that it’s a dull life and they yearn for some thrill in their lives. Men will be Men movie review…

Preet (Rajesh Kumar) is the only married man in the group, most matured among them, yet doesn’t mind cheating on his wife. Bobby (Rahil Tandon) is just engaged to a girl in Bareili. Though unhappy with the proposal, he has reluctantly accepted it, but he is and feels – single! Jimmy (Gaurav Chopra) is single and knows how to live the good life and their fourth friend is the fun loving single guy Sunder (Rohit Khurana). The quartet makes a false excuse to their boss to have a holiday abroad.

They spontaneously decide to go for a vacation to a nice place with the sole intention there will be girls, alcohol and too much fun. They choose to go to Thailand with the dream of having fun and excitement in Pattaya. So off they are to the so called paradise for males. There are some fun moments with the Thai hotel employee repeating their words.

It is very clear, their intentions of choosing a holiday in Pattaya, Thailand. So the narrative too, comes straight to the point. Hunting for women, they happen to chase the same woman, and she makes them run around in circles.

How do they zero down to the same woman? It’s the typical bollywood (or Hollywood) style, the introduction scene of the leading lady Deepa (Zeenal Kamdar) is that when she emerges from a swimming pool in a revealing swimsuit. Deepa is the relationship manager in their hotel and a part time yoga instructor

Deepa gets a feel of what theses four guys are up to, and she strangely plays along as she enjoys all the attention she’s being showered with. So the four men and this woman get together & have a blast, all throughout where all the guys keep taking chances to impress her & hit on her while she keeps playing with them all along.

Right from the beginning, then midway and then till the end there are lackluster moments boredom and silly situations.

There are reports that Men Will Be Men was shot in a singe schedule of some weeks and it is made on a small budget. No wonder that the lyrics, music are not worth a mention. Even the beautiful beaches of Pattaya are underutilized with the aim to maintain eroticism which isn’t visible at all.

Gaurav Chopra and Rajesh Kumar are the only guys who are fine and restrained in their performances. Rahil Tandon and Rohit Khurana do overact at times. Newcomer Zeenal Kamdar has the looks and she is just about okay. Rajesh Khattar has virtually nothing to do in this film.

We are taken to Pattaya right in the beginning where there is some fun. Men will be Men lacks in a proper script and good music. It is presented by Red Chillies Idiot Box, the TV arm of Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.

Men will be Men is a disappointing fare.

Cast of Men will be Men:
Gaurav Chopra – Jimmy
Zeenal Kamdar – Deepa
Rajesh Khattar – in a special appearance
Rohit Khuranna – Sunder
Rajesh Kumar – Preet
Rahil Tandon – Bobby

Credits & Crew of Men will be Men:
Producer – Samar Khan
Directed by Gorky
Story – Harsh Khurana
Film Editing – Tariq Ahmed, Devang Kakkad
Sound Department – Rachit Malhotra
Lyrics – Amit Anand Chauhan
Music Director – Harpreet. Advait Nemlekar
Men will be Men – movie review