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Love u… Mr Kalakaar! – movie review

To be successful in life, all you need to be is a good human being


Love u Mr Kalakaar - movie review

Sahil is a happy-go-lucky artist. A good human being. And Love u Mr Kalakaar is about Sahil Rastogi (Tusshar Kapoor), 25years old, is struggling as a cartoonist and he designs characters for animation shows, ads, print media and mascots for corporate firms. This is his lifestyle – no burden, no boundaries, no expectations, no pressures, just freedom. Love u Mr Kalakaar movie review…

He meets Ritu and finds a girl in her who is so much like him. He falls in love with the management student Ritu who is free spirited, fun loving and bindaas.

Ritu Diwan (Amrita Rao), 22 years MBA student who loves to party, trek, sing, enjoy. She is so full of life that her energy always rubs into the person next to her. She is not at all interested in doing her MBA but is pursuing her studies only because her father wants her to do so.

Ritu takes Sahil to meet his father who is a rich industrialist. Deshraj Diwan (Ram Kapoor) believes that artistes don’t make good, responsible husbands.

Deshraj has come up the hard way. He was just nine when he lost his father and then his uncle threw his mother and his younger sister out of the house. He studied in night school, did engineering on scholarship. He therefore wants the best for his daughter.

About the artists in real life, Deshraj thinks they are ruled by their hearts and not by practicality and thus cannot live in this manipulative world. Deshraj tells Sahil that he is willing to marry his daughter to him, but he will have to prove himself worthy of his daughter.

Sahil accepts the challenge. Now what happens when Sahil is suddenly thrown into a world of business, where there are burdens, boundaries, expectations and pressures?

Now that Sahil has accepted the challenge, there are two guys who do not want Sahil to succeed. One of them is the office assistant Israni (Yatin Karyekar) who puts spokes in the wheel and the other being Manohar Awasthi (Jai Kalra) who had dreams of becoming the managing director of the company.

Ritu loves Sahil immensely and is prepared herself to live with Sahil in his small house and be content with whatever he is providing her with. She knows that if they are together, then can face all problems and conquer all difficulties.

Will a person who does not know the difference between debit and credit make everyone rewrite the rules of business?

The film Love u Mr Kalakaar does have sweetness that grows on you and Tusshar and Amrita are in sync with each other. Thankfully there are no marriage rituals and female in bindis, etc which is usually associated with the Rajshris.

Love u Mr Kalakaar is better than other films where we find Seilas and Munnis romping around, but the film is too honestly simple and so predictable that one knows whats coming next because its based on the same premise as that of old bollywood movies – rich girl and poor boy love story, and that too has no depth or intensity in the love affair of Sahil and Ritu.

What’s good is Tusshar’s underplayed performance and chirpiness of Amrita Rao. But what does not work in favor of the film is that are no good songs and then the concept, which probably won’t be accepted by today’s fast paced youth.

Cast of Love u Mr Kalakaar:
Sahil Rastogi – Tusshar
Ritu Diwan – Amrita Rao
Ritu’s Aunit – Madhoo
Deshraj Diwan – Ram Kapoor
Ritu’s Grandfather – Prem Chopra
Aman – Prashant Ranyal
Charu – Snigdha
Jayant Singh Chauhan – Kiran Kumar
Israni – Yateen Karyekar
Manohar – Jai Kalra
Hiten – Kunal Kumar

Credits & Crew of Love u Mr Kalakaar:
Produced by Kamal Kumar Barjatya, Rajkumar Barjatya, Ajit Kumar Barjatya
Associate Producers – Sooraj R. Barjatya, Rajjat A. Barjatya
Directed by S. Manasvi
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue – S. Manasvi
Cinematography – Saurabh Vishwakarma
Editing – Navnita Sen Dutta
Art – Sanjay Dabhade
Choreography – Neerav Balvecha
Thrills – Kaushal-Moses
Sound Designer – Jitendra Chaudhary
Mixing Engineer – Anoop De
Costume Designer – Nishika Lulla
Lyrics – Manoj ‘Muntashir’
Music – Sandesh Shandilya
Love u Mr Kalakaar – movie review