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Love you to Death – movie review

A Wild, whacky comic thriller in Hinglish


Love you to Death - movie review

Love You To Death is a comic film about love that does not exist. The story is about the rich daughter in law and her husband’s family’s attempts to usurp her money who controls the purse strings at home. In the process we have three murders waiting to happen. Love you to Death – movie review…

It has some good performances by Chandan Roy Sanyal and the contemporary woman played by Yuki Ellias. Suhasini Mulay is the same lady who played Aamir Khan’s mother in Lagaan. What a transformation!

Kallol Banerjee is very natural and Nicholas Brown is the typical character who is into green earth type of campaigns. Sagar Salunke who plays Chhotu the domestic help of the family portrays the archetypal domestic helps of our times..

There are no twists and turns nor anything unusual in the script. Yet it does score over with its originality.

Sundari and Ravi (Suhasini Mulay and Kallol Banerjee) have a son Atul (Chandan Roy Sanyal) who is much into his business. Atul is married to Sonia (Yuki Ellias) who is a rich girl. Complete day to day expenses are met by the daughter in-laws money.

The son and his mother want to influence Sonia to fund a business proposal which Atul has in Mind. Sonia has over 30 acres of land in the outskirts of Mumbai and this is the plot what Atul is eyeing.

Yes, Sonia signs all the cheques at home and at work, but she has a mind of her own. She pampers her dog and often consults a tarot card reader Maya (Sheeba Chadha). This tarot card reader who seems to help Sonia with her personal problems, too has other things on her mind.

While Atul is in negotiations with a Russian arms businessman, with whom he wants to start a factory on that piece of land in Daman which Sonia owns. Also he has a bad married relationship with Sonia and is unable to conceive a child with her. For this he consults a sexologist who suggests few things, but here too Atul fails in doing so.

Sonia meets a smart young man at the vet clinic where she has gone for a check up of her pet dog. This smart guy John (Nicholas Brown) is into solar energy business and Sonia is convinced that this is the business she ought to be in. Sonia decides to give her land in Daman for this project, which Atul and his mother disapprove. So they decide to eliminate her by way of a natural accident, before she can transfer the land for the solar energy project.

The first attempt to electrocute her at home fails instead she loses her favourite dog. The second attempt is via the theatre person-cum-goon who is hired to do the job for it. Even that fails.

Finally they plot to directly eliminate Sonia at a party and here is where matters go out of their hands and there is confusion and chaos all around. It is quite funny here.

Love You To Death has a few beautifully shot scenes but has only a few genuine comic scenes. Humorous moments crop up when Atul consults his sexologist, the electrocution of Sonia’s pet dog and towards the end it is its original climax, a novel idea.

Cast of Love you to Death:
Yuki Ellias – Sonia
Chandan Roy Sanyal – Atul
Suhasini Mulay – Sundari
Kallol Banerjee – Ravi
Sheeba Chaddha – Maya
Nicholas Brown – John
Sagar Salunke – Chhotu
Carl Sequeira – Pet Salon Owner
Leonid Kudryavtsev – Yuri
Sohrab Ardeshir – Dr. Pesi Dinshaw
Chetan Sashital – Theatre Director
Uday Chandra – Undertaker
Graham Colley – Moshe
Ella Kudryavtsev – Ella

Credits & Crew of Love you to Death:
Producer – Chiman Salva
Director – Rafeeq Ellias
Music Director – Ronit Chaterji
Story Writers – Rafeeq Ellias, Abhro Banerjeem Yuki Ellias, Pallu Newatia
Costume Designer – Sheetal Sharma
Co Producers – Pallu Newatia
Lyricist – Yuki Ellias, Abhro Banerjee, Arjun Nair
Editor – Abhro Banerjee
Cinematography – Rafeeq Ellias
Action – Manohar Verma
Sound – Tapan Bhattacharya
Love you to Death – movie review