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Le Gaya Saddam – movie review

Love is a momentary itch, it never lets you free!


Saddam, is a 70 year old hakim, well-known for his Unani medicines cures within his village folk. Le Gaya Saddam – movie review…

This romantic comedy is about an adorable grandfather Saddam (Raghuvir Yadav), his love for his grandson Sher Khan (Chirag Patil) and the grandson’s love of his life – Munni (Sufi Sayyad).

Saddam is an established mobile Unani sex medicine vendor. A well respected character in his town, he treats every normal to critical sexual problem with a guarantee of a cure. Yet, many of them would not like to be seen exchanging even pleasantries in the open.

Saddam is very fond grandson Sher Khan who is the loverboy of the village. Young and handsome, is in love with Munni and hence the most envied guy in the village.

Munni is the most beautiful girl in the village. She is jolly, bold and takes advantage of her charms on the other men, but she is honest towards her beau Sher Khan. The village folk still think that Munni is the unattached girl, unaware that she lost her heart to Sher Khan.From young to old, tailor to a cop, every male in the village is mad over Munni’s ‘Adah’.

Sher Khan is very much aware of his unnoticed look, remains over possessive over Munni. He doesn’t even trust the wind passing through Munni. Sher Khan is a proud person who mentally satisfies himself after thinking that its obviously Munni’s good luck that she has chosen Sher Khan, because he is the only apple among those fool ugly looking villagers.

The ever envious villagers catch Sher Khan and Munni romancing each other in a paddy field. With the help of the local Panchayet’s decision Sher Khan and Munni have to tie the knot at very next day.

Soon after marriage, the over possessive Sher Khan begins to doubt his wife’s innocence. Now with ample so called ‘examples’ and ‘evidences’ from the local tailor, to the cop and even the local bhai – Halim bhai who are supposedly Munni’s “Ashique” (each of them harbouring a secret desire to fall in love with her) , he now confronts Munni and he and throws her out of his house.

Soon Sher Khan misses Munni badly and realizes his folly. In an occupied mind, he bangs his bike and breaks his leg. Munni rushes to the hospital. The ice is broken and they decide to get married again.

Now here is the hitch – According to Muslim Shariyat Couples cannot remarry until the ex-wife marries another man, to ensure that divorce is not taken lightly. She cannot go back to this husband who has divorced her three times, unless she marries another person who out of his own free will divorces her. This rule is given by the Shari’ah to reduce the occurrence of three divorces and to protect the honor of the woman.. This girl has to spend one night with the third person, and then the next morning the groom (third person) will have to give her divorce. After getting divorce from the third person, then the former couple could marry each other. Muslims take this ritual as punishment for divorcing loving partners out of silly anger.

The situation demands that Munni has to marry somebody else before marrying Sher Khan. Almost whole of the village is ready to marry Munni (even though) for one night. Sher Khan realizes the danger inside of all their dirty minds and comes up with the idea of his grandfather should marry Munni for a night, and then divorce her the next day, and then he can get married to Munni.

Now Sher Khan is relaxed, but to everybody’s shock the next morning his grandfather – Saddam informs him that he is not ready to leave Munni. The 70 year old would not leave the opportunity to let go a beautiful young maiden….   Who wouldn’t ?

Chirag Patil and Sufi Sayyad are just fine. Raghuveer Yadav has once again come up with a powerful performance. The director has to be commended to have taken up the social issue of Nikah Halala. Probably the first time it is shown in depth on celluliod.

Le Gaya Saddam is an entertaining film, without any unnecessary or unwanted scenes. It is nice to watch such new generation cinema churned out by out of the box thinking young directors. Three stars for the film and one extra star for taking risks of coming up with such a controversial yet eye opening issue of Nikah Halala.


Cast of Le Gaya Saddam:

Chirag Patil
Raghuveer Yadav
Sufi Sayyad


Crew of Le Gaya Saddam:

Producer : FULL LIGHT FILMS, Dos Amigos Pictures. Pvt Ltd, Moksh Entertainment, Sudhanshu Films
Co-Producer : Gangani Production, Silver Vision Films, Unnati Films and Talent Crossover
Executive Producer : Shahid Ali
Line Producers : Tapti Chakrabarty, G K Singh, Ashish Kathpal, Lav Singh
Writer/ Director : Amjad Khan
Associate Director : BhaswatiChakrabarty
Chief AD : PiyushPriyank
AD : Nitin Kumar, Akhtar Vila, Manjita Baro
DOP : Madhu S Rao
DOP’s Assistant : Gautam Bose, Sadiq Shaikh, Sadik, Basant, Amol, Pannalal
Editor : Pravin Angre
Lyrics : Amjad Khan, Arafat Mehmood, haswatiChakrabarty
Music Director: : Amjad Khan
Background Score : Jaideep Chowdhury
VFX : Amar Singh
Costume and Art Designer : Bhaswati Chakrabarty
Action Director : Parvez Fazal Khan
Choreographer : Himanshu, Urvi, Raju Ray.
Sound Designer : Ashfaq A. Rentia
Production Controller : Zahir Ansari
Production Manager : Siraj Siddique

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