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Kaafila – movie review

Dangerous journey of illegal immigrants


Kaafila movie review

‘Kaafila’ is the story of the troubles of a bunch of illegal immigrants headed to the greener pastures of the developed world. A journey which is fraught with danger, constant struggle and pain. The story travels and unravels through half of the world – India, Russia, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kaafila movie review


Sunny Deol plays a man with clear conscience and a generous heart… And he is a devout Pakistani – a robust agent of ISI.

All throughout the movie, events remind us constantly about the film’s theme which is about illegal immigration and human trafficking. The real-life incident of Malta Boat Tragedy is shown in which more than 300 illegal immigrants perished.

The story also has other interesting angles like Russian mafia, a scientist with plutonium, Taliban, and much more…

The movie has also some romantic sequences where Sunny Deol is in love with Bulgarian model Polina, and Amitoj romances Monalisa. And a customary song-and-dance.

Sunny Deol is himself being strict and macho self. He has shown some efforts in his performance.

Amitoj Mann, makes his debut in Hindi film industry in a big way. The Pakistani actress Sana Nawaz is brilliant. Monalisa and Polina have nothing to emote but provide some glamour in this adventure story.

‘Kaafila’ has an interesting subject. The writers and director have tried best to make it into an engrossing story.

The dialogues are predictable. However if continuity was maintained in this ordeal of the illegal immigrants without some unwanted songs and romantic scenes, maybe to woo the masses?…. it would have been an excellent film.

Banner : Mannerism Films
Presenter : Mannerism Films
Co-Producer : Amrinder Singh
Cast : Sunny Deol, Ammtoje Mann, Sudesh Berry, Sandeep Kang, Sana Nawaz, Ashish Duggal, Chandan Anand, Girish Jain, Sachin Parekh
Director : Amitoje Mann
Music Director : Sukhwinder Singh
Lyricist : Babu Singh Mann
Cinematographer : Nazir Khan
Story Writer : Ammtoje Mann
Dialogue Writer : Varun Gautam
Art Director : Sunil Singh
Costume Designer : Simple Kapadia
Choreographer : Raju Khan
Publicity Designer : Glamour

Kaafila – movie review