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Ishq Ke Parindey – Hindi movie review

Love Surpasses All Borders


Ishq Ke Parindey

Love knows no boundaries. A voice over at the opening states that if the partition hadn’t taken place, it would be a Gulistan, instead of Hindustan and Pakistan.

This is the message of Ishq Ke Parindey, a poetic and realistic love story of a boy and a girl across the border.

Saare Jahan Se Achchha Hindustan Hamara, Hum Bulbule Hain Iski Ye Gulsitan Hamara

When Allama Iqbal wrote the above couplet he never knew that the seeds sown by the British would lead to the creation of India and Pakistan. The land nurtured by the romantic poetry of Ghalib became a battleground.

Friends for generations were separated forever inthe name of partition. Humanity was buried under hatred.

Sheen, the love bird from Pakistan flies down to Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. Faiz, the poet at heart, is mesmerised by the angelic beauty from heaven. Across rooftops and in the bylanes of Lucknow blossoms the innocent love of Sheen and Faiz.

Bloodshed in the name of supremacy is a common phenomenon in India and Pakistan. Sheen’s entire family was engulfed in gang wars in Pakistan. The violence she hated andthought she left behind in Pakistan accidentally creeps into her love life. Sheen and Faiz would face any thunderstorm to protect the flame of love.

Thus begins the soulful journey of the love birds… Ishq Ke Parindey.

It is a surprise to watch Rishi Verma’s debut film performance. He has the screen presence. Priyanka Mehta plays the fair maiden. Manjul Aazad and Yasir Khan are very impressive.

The first half builds up the romance, while post interval, it is full of twists and turns.


Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Faiz – Rishi Verma
Sheen – Priyanka Mehta
Bhaijaan – Manjul Aazad
Shadab – Yasir Iftikhar Khan
Chhoroo – Pran Dawas
Chhote – Mamu Bhupesh Rai
Hameeda (Sheen’s Mother) – Smita Bharti
Bade Mamu – Udayvir Singh Yadav
Badi Mami – Shabih Jaffery
Chhoti Mami – Inshapreet Arora
Ghazala – Monisha Rai
Dr. Vishal – Abhishek Singh
Faiz’s Bhabhi (Sister-in-law) – Puneeta Awasthi
Faiz’s Nephew – Saksham Kapoor
Zeeshan – Saleem Kidwai
Ana – Ana Yadav
Jeweller – Shyamu
Lalaji – Anup Kumar Sharma
Sardar ji – Atamjeet Singh
Sardarni – Manat
Nawab Saahab – Vinay Handoo
Munna Bhatti – Kunal
Bobby – Bobby
Azhar – Mirza Azhar Baig
Police Inspector – Amit
Police Constable – Ashok Singh
Abid – Abid
Qadir Bhai’s goon – Aashu Sonkar
Faiz’s Brother – Kapil
Qawwali lead singer (Senior) – Sunil Pandit
Qawwali lead singer (Junior) – Charu Joshi
Tempo Conductor – Javed
Truck Driver – Moazzam
Man on bike – Amaan


Editing – Prime Time Studios
Sound – Fiesta Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Assistant Recording Mixer – Devabrot Chalia
Assistant Directors – Sunil Pandit, Mohit Kapoor, Abhinav Singh, Samridhi Tak, Sana Khan, Charu Joshi
Assistant Choreographers – Sharjil Khan, Rahil Khan, Saira ShekhDubbing Recordist – B. K. Mishra and Abhijeet Vishwanath Sapre
Stock Effects – Anish Poduval and Latif Shaikh
Folly – Manoj Yadav
Studio Consultant – Anil Nagpal
DI – Origin Studios
VFX – Prisca, Sairaj Ghag, Girish Mahida, Gautam Bhardwaj, Nitin Sarag, Dinesh Jadhav, Kunal Nagvekar
Office Assistant – Deepak Waghela
Make up – Santosh R Sharma
Hairdresser – Sandhya
Line Producer – Arun Singh (Dicky, Lucknow)
Production Manager – Bhupal Singh (Gopal)
Locations Co-ordinator – Suhail
Local Production Assistants – Ashish Jain, Nadeem, Mouzzam, Rahul
Jimmy Jib Operators – Bala and Muthu
Shooting Stills – Rakesh
Assistant Cameraman – Abhijit Gogoi, Khaleeq Ahmad (Tanveer)
Focus Puller – Rajeev Govind

Ishq Ke Parindey, hindi movie review

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