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Hungama 2 – movie review

A loud commotion no emotion


Hungama 2 movie review

The latest movie Hungama 2 which credits it to be filmed by Priyadarshan has hit the OTT platform on Disney Hotstar (available to ordinary members) 23-07-21. it was supposed to be a follow-up of the hugely successful and highly rib- ticking comedy Hungama with even Paresh Rawal reprising the character Radheshyam Tiwari and Akshaye Khanna albeit in a special appearance however it is a very very big let down.

This was not expected of Priyadarshan to come down to low level comedy in a high class environment. It is a good subject, only if it was handled with love and care which seemed missing here and just a rush to complete schedules.

Why are all the characters screaming and why is everyone behaving like caricatures is beyond understanding. Then there is tribute to a few hit Bollywood movies, like some scenes taken right out of Jeetendra’s Parichay and Shilpa Shetty breaking into an impromptu dance on her own remixed version of ‘Churake dil mera’. All this was an unnecessary side track, which kept taking your focus off the main theme in the movie, the mystery of the unwanted wife and the child thereof.

Even the flashbacks were ill-timed, short and confusing. All the actors who could have given so much more to the movie by way of acting according to their talents, the director is guilty of making a total mockery out of them with the actors mouthing unnecessary roadside dialogues.

I will share some gems like when the father asks ‘what do you mean by hot kisses, were you kissing with burning coal in your mouth’ then, Tiwari mouths ‘Netra bhog kar raha yeh buddha’. Then a harried Tiwari trying to kill the hero as he suspects his wife is having an affair with the hero. The screenplay is absolutely disjoint.

The climax is where it seems some sanity has returned only to give way to more confusion as the supposed wife’s name is Vaani and is referred to as Puja… where did this come from? There are many questions that are unanswered. About the cast what can I say everyone has been utterly wasted. Take Meezan for example it looks like he has talent but for the jerky movements and frenzied style at times, he is in form while shaking a leg. Shilpa Shetty must have put her foot down to be in the film otherwise she looks so out of place.

Paresh Rawal was an absolute eye-sore in this one. Some semblance of sanity shown by Ashutosh Rana, however the director did him in. Other slap stick artists galore like Tiku Talsania, Manoj Joshi and last but not the least Rajpal Yadav all do what they do best…. ham till you drop and yes there is even a Johnny Lever in a very special wasted role. The special appearance by Akshaye Khanna was totally unwarranted too.

Very few scenes evoke laughter, sympathy or emotions. The theme of a suspicious husband which was dealt with superbly in Hungama is all crap out here, the story would have made sense if there was less shouting, no Parichay and more of substance even method in madness, would have been appreciated but this is all bunkum.

Lost patience halfway but then had to keep you guys updated waited to death for this movie which stretched over 2 and 1/2 hours to end. This is my take on the movie, would be glad if you could share your views

– Review by PAWAN GUPTA

Cast of Hungama 2:
Paresh Rawal as Radheshyam Tiwari
Shilpa Shetty as Anjali Tiwari
Ashutosh Rana as Colonel Gobind Kapoor
Meezaan Jaffery as Aakash Kapoor
Pranitha Subhash as Vaani Kapoor
Rajpal Yadav as Popat Jamal
Tiku Talsania as Cook Ojasram Nandan
Manoj Joshi as Manasvit Bajaj
Johnny Lever as Tutor Gagan Chandra D’Costa
Raman Trikha as Aakash’s brother
Akshaye Khanna as Premnath Pannu (Cameo appearance)

Credits of Hungama 2:
Based on Minnaram (1994) by Priyadarshan
Production company – Venus Worldwide Entertainment
Directed by Priyadarshan
Dialogues by Anukalp Goswami, Manisha Korde
Screenplay by Yunus Sajawal
Story by Priyadarshan
Produced by Ratan Jain, Ganesh Jain, Chetan Jain, Armaan Ventures
Cinematography – N. K. Ekambaram
Edited by – M.S. Aiyyappan Nair
Music by Ronnie Raphael
Distributed by Disney+ Hotstar