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Happy Husbands – movie review

An adult comedy


Happy Husbands - movie review

Happy Husbands is a side-splitting comedy film based on a Malayalam film directed by Saji Surendran, which is a remake of Hindi movie No Entry. It has many hilarious moments, though there are some crude jokes and titillating scenes that could leave the family audience uncomfortable. Happy Husbands movie review…

The film shows how the cheating husbands learn lessons in life. Some husbands love their wife. Also there are other husbands who love their life. But there is also a class of Happy Husbands who life life and wife – both.

Anay is the owner of a periodical. He is a normal husband who loves his wife a lot, and she is too possessive about him. She always has a fear that one day her husband may fall for some other beautiful girl.

Kurush is just the opposite, a romantic playboy sort who also keeps his wife happy. But his wife doesn’t realize that, behind her back, her darling husband flirts with every woman that he sees.

Mohit is a photographer in Anay’s publication. He is straight forward serious worker and is neither interested in girls nor keen to get married until he met his dream girl.

These three men come across a bar singer and then things take interesting turns. The bar dancer seeks revenge on Anay as it was an article in his publication that the Court banned the bar girls in Maharasthra thus ruining the dancer’s profession.

The dancer one day comes to Anay’s house with her evil intentions. Anay escapes telling his wife that she is Kurush’s wife and then when Anay, Kurush and Mohit speak to a girls father about Kurush’s marriage, the dancer drops in by accident and there she is introduced as Kurush’s wife and that she is mentally imbalanced.

There is more confusion and each one’s wife is informed that the dancer is his friend’s wife. But it to happens that one day, all these couples come face to face together in Malaysia while there for a vacation and this leads to a lot of confusion among the wives and others.

Right in the beginning husbands are shown as either a donkey, or a naughty husband as a monkey, while an unfaithful Husband is a wolf…

This film Happy Husbands is about those husbands who love their wives but later on realize that they are missing their bachelor life.

There are some wonderful moments, like when Champoo attacks the girls, then Anay’s speech which actually forces you to look at life in different light.

The characters have performed well especially those of Anay and Kurush Deboo. Happy Husbands is a comedy about the husbands, their philosophy towards life and what they go through on a personal level after they are married.

CAST of Happy Husbands:
Kurush Deboo – Champoo
Gaurav Ghai – Mohit
Bakul Thakkar

CREDTS & CREW of Happy Husbands:
Banner: Phenomenal Crafts Ltd
Producer – Suresh Sharma
Director – Anay
Lyricist – Anay, Sarim Momin
Music Director – Anay
Background Music – Anay
Cinematography – Srikant Naroj
Editor – Vilas Ranade, Deepak Wirkud, Anay
Screenplay – Anay
Sound – Buta Singh
Dialogue – Anay
Costumes – Bunty Raghav, Anay
Happy Husbands – movie review