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Good Luck – movie review

Grab the Goodluck kiss to become the richest in the world


Good Luck, movie review

The handsome Vicky (Aryemaan) is an aspiring singer, charming Saba {Sayali Bhagat) is a PR head in an ad agency. Bad luck shadows Vicky as success evades him at every step whereas Saba is successful at every thing she takes up. Lady luck is with her and she has the good luck charm sealed in her kiss. Then one day at a party Saba, by chance kisses Vicky and says good bye to her good luck and here Vicky’s life changes for good. Goodluck movie review…

During one of her shoots, there is a mishap and a stuntman – Dev (Dino Morea) saves her life on the set. She’s impressed with him, and soon love blossoms between them and then they are on a romantic high. Meanwhile Ria is offered a lead role in a film by casting director Rishi Gandhi (Madan Jain) with a condition that she has to leave for Shimla the very next day.

Tarun Chopra {Lucky Ali} a music baron finally gives a chance to Vicky and his dream comes true. Unfortunately, here Saba looses her job and is almost on the streets. We have a tarot card reader {Archana Puran Singh} who advises Saba that if she kisses Vicky again, she can get her good luck charm back.

Now, Saba’s problem is that Vicky was wearing a mask when she had kissed him that day, hence its difficult for her to find him. By chance again, Saba and Vicky happen to come close and fall in love yet she is unknown to the fact that Vicky is the boy who has taken away her good luck charm.

She happens to stumble on the truth and selfishly takes the kiss back, leaving Vicky and his band to face all the problems in the world again. As usual, love over-powers her selfishness and she now yearns to give the kiss back to Vicky so that his concert becomes a grand success.

Here the director includes fun, confusion and the masti in Good Luck. All of a sudden, we have other contenders spring up for the Good-Luck kiss. There’s a police officer {Sharad Saxena}, Saba’s ruthless boss {Nazeen Patel}, a Gigolo {Ranveer Shorey who is the funniest}, and even the Tarot card reader herself wanting to change their luck.

Areyaman isn’t impressive all except for his handsome presence, Sayalee Bhagat strives hard, Ranvir Shorey is apt in comical scenes so is Archana Puran Singh as the tarot card reader. Anu Malik’s music is just average, choreography by Shabina Khan is good.

Good Luck has similarities with Lindsay Lohan’s not so successful flick – ‘Just My Luck’. The film just goes on and on with its share of poor jokes and its characters desperately trying to be funny. Its script is poor and actors are helpless to make this film any better.

CAST of Good Luck:
Vicky – Aryeman
Saba – Sayali Bhagat
Tarot Card Reader – Archana Puran Singh
Tarun Chopra – Lucky Ali
Police Officer – Sharat Saxena
Gigolo – Ranvir Shorey
Mushtaq Khan

CREDITS of Good Luck:-
Producer – Jagdish Sharma
Director – Aditya Datt
Lyrics – Sameer
Music Director – Anu Malik
Story / Writers – Aditya Datt, Rajan Agarwal, Raman Bharadwaj
Good Luck, movie review