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Golmaal Returns – movie review

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Golmaal Returns, movie review

Golmaal Returns is a sequel to the 2006 film Golmaal.

Gopal (Ajay Devgan) is a loving husband whose most innocent actions are misunderstood by his suspicious wife Ekta (Kareena Kapoor). Ekta is a great homemaker but a very suspicious wife who watches Saas Bahu serials 24/7. She loves her husband but doesn’t trust him. Even when he hasn’t done anything, her overactive imagination makes her believe the worst of him. And then he’s accused of murder. And the only person who can save him is a beautiful girl he spent the night with. And this is the last thing he wants to tell his wife!

Ekta’s brother Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor) cannot speak and is stuck between his sister and brother-in-law. He loves both of them very much. Trying to help them gets him into more trouble than he ever bargained for. He loves Daisy (Anjana Sukhani) who is a young and beautiful girl who likes the quirky, but strangely silent Lucky. But, she also has secrets of her own.
ACP Madhav Ghai (Arshad Warsi) is in love with Gopal’s sister Esha (Amrita Arora). But the ACP and Gopal are at loggerheads as he is dating Esha.

Then there is Laxman Prasad Apte (Shreyas Talpade) fancies himself as a trouble shooter, who can sort anything from ladki ka chakkar to missing fish in the docks. He loves his fiancée Mira (Celina Jaitley) very much and would go to any lengths including committing fraud to get a job that would gain her family’s approval.

A body is found at Blue Cross Street. And Gopal is the prime suspect for the murder, because he was heard threatening to kill his employee Subodh Mehra (the victim) because of his interfering ways.

Although innocent, Gopal is hard pressed for an alibi on the night of the murder. That night, he had saved a damsel in distress (Mira) from a few goons. Both their cars were damaged in the fight and they had no option but to spend the night on a friend’s vacant yacht. Unless Gopal finds the girl, he cannot prove his innocence.

The fun returns in Golmaal Returns – As luck would have it, the inspector investigating the murder ACP Madhav Singh Ghai is Gopal’s arch enemy. Gopal insulted him when he came to investigate a drug smuggling charge at Golden Fisheries, the company where both Gopal and the victim used to work. Now Gopal has two problems. Explaining to his very suspicious wife Ekta where he spent the night and explaining to the police that he is innocent. Meanwhile a jobless Laxman Prasad Apte requests Gopal to give him Subodh Mehra’s now vacant post. Gopal agrees to give him the job on one condition that he pretends to be Anthony Gonsalves.

While all this is happening, Gopal’s brother-in-law Lucky is trying to help Gopal who he knows is innocent. Nobody knows who Anthony Gonsalves is. And there is still no sign of the girl Gopal saved on the night of the murder. ACP Mathew is kicked that Gopal has managed to get himself into a mess that stinks to high heaven.

Ajay Devgan performs his part well. Kareena Kapoor as the housewife does it with typical modern day home keeper. Arshad Warsi has very little to show his comic timings. But the great performances are rendered by Tusshar Kapoor and the talented Shreyas Talpade. Tusshar as the dumb character makes a mark and brings laughter with his antics.
The film editing and dialogues are crisp. Golmaal Returns is a must watch comedy film.

CAST of Golmaal Returns:
Gopal – Ajay Devgan
Ekta – Kareena Kapoor
Lucky – Tusshar Kapoor
ACP Madhav Singh Ghai – Arshad Warsi
Esha – Amrita Arora
Laxman Prasad Apte – Shreyas Talpade
Mira Nair – Celina Jaitley
Daisy – Anjana Sukhani
Anthony Gonsalves – Vrajesh Hirjee
Jai Walia – Ram Kapoor
Subodh Mehra – Sanjay Mishra
Sawant – Murli Sharma
Vasuli – Mukesh Tiwari
Julie – Rakhi Tandon
Munni – Ashwini Kalsekar
Babloo Pachisia – Sharat Saxena

CREDITS of Golmaal Returns:
Director – Rohit Shetty
Original Music – Pritam Chakraborty
Film Editing – Steven H. Bernard
Casting – Ashish R. Mohan, Rajiv Verma
Art Direction – Narendra Rahurikar
Assistant Directors – Rajiv Verma, Ashish R. Mohan, Surender Dhavle, Rohit Chaudhary, Freyan Bhujwala
Associate Director – Raminder Singh Suri
Wardrobe Department – Rajiv Verma
Production Controller – Rajesh Sharma
Golmaal Returns, movie review