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GINNY WEDS SUNNY – Movie review

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Ginny Weds Sunny review

There seems to be a marriage season going on Netflix amidst this Covid-19 enforced slowdown what with the web series ‘A Suitable Boy’ and now – Ginny Weds Sunny, that is directed by debutante Puneet Khanna and produced by Vinod Bachchan and released on Netflix.

People seem to be missing the marriage festivities with so many limitations and restrictions in place, it’s only fair that atleast we can enjoy it on the net. Being released as a Netflix original movie and a decent star cast we had high hopes from this one. It started off well. The matchmaking game in the beginning though far-fetched, one could still digest but somewhere wanting to be different from Tanu weds Manu and other marriage runathons and to be too raw and very real it petered out in the end.

The punch, the usual pull at the heartstrings was missing in Ginny weds Sunny and it all looked very forced, well no one can force anyone to marry, but no one does it the way it is shown here. It seems the makers ran out of ideas and what could have been an entertaining rom-com drama fizzled out in the end, all the build up came crashing down.

The Delhi style youth atmosphere was, well … Is this how youngsters feel and behave (confused), we thought today’s Gen-xyz is quite sure about themselves and specifically about their relationship with the opposite sex, which either goes wham bam or is a serious one. Whereas here in this romantic flick, it was as they said – all very confusing.

Needless to talk about acting in Ginny Weds Sunny as all the actors are competent, production values too are good, though there was a song too many, but what the hell the Indian romcoms do have em. Vikrant and Yami look okay together but Vicks will have to get rid of that middle class boy next door image fast (and that typical jaw movement of his and the eager beaver battisi visibility), otherwise whatever he has achieved (that is highly appreciated) will be lost.

As mentioned, in the film Yami Gautam does look a bit out of her league, it may have been the demand of the story but it looks like that too. The other guys too, the over the top Haryanvi and the chhota Bheem and all were out of their depths too. Why do they show Northies so whimsical and cuckoo (it seems to be a Bollywood mindset).

So on a lazy afternoon when there is nothing else to do, it is the right time to see this light comedy with a running time of 125 minutes, with a bag full of popcorn handy.

– Review by PAWAN GUPTA

Cast of Ginny Weds Sunny:
Yami Gautam as Simran / Ginny
Vikrant Massey as Satnam / Sunny
Mansi Sharma as Manpreet
Suhail Nayyar as Nishant Rathee
Rajiv Gupta as Pappi Sethi
Ayesha Raza Mishra as Shobha Juneja
Deepak Chadha as Gulshan Gulati
Isha Talwar as Neha Gulati
Mazel Vyas as Nimmi Sethi

Credits of Ginny Weds Sunny:
Directed by Puneet Khanna
Produced by Vinod Bachchan
Written by Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora
Music by Prasad Sashte
Cinematography – Nuthan Nagaraj
Edited by Sandeep Sethy
Production company – Soundrya Productions
Movie’s Image source – IMDB