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Gang of Ghosts – Film Review

Peaceful, harmless group of ghosts being dislocated by unscrupulous builders


Gang of Ghosts

A haunted mansion in Mumbai is to be demolished making way for a glitzy shopping mall. The gang of harmless Ghosts of different eras and social spheres residing in this house are to be dislocated. (Gang of Ghosts – Film Review)

A late zamindar is the boss of the house residing with a British Lord of the East India Company era, a yesteryear actress, a spoilt rich girl, an unhappy rock musician, a Bengalee and a cab driver. These ghosts decide to fight their own battle against rampant development and win it.

A remake of the commercially successful Bengali film Bhooter Bhabishyat, Gang of Ghosts comes up as mish-mashed comedy with sub-plots and undesirable buffoonery.

The grand old mansions and mills of South Mumbai are being razed to the ground to make way for swanky condominiums, malls and Multiplexes.

Some of these dilapidated disputed buildings were haunted by Ghosts who had taken shelter there over centuries. They were evicted and are homeless today. There is no rehabilitation package on offer. Politicians, media, intellectuals, civic society- no one gives a dam to them. After all, Ghosts can’t vote.

Royal Mansion is one such heritage property which is rented out for film shoots to facilitate its maintenance. A heroine faints during a shooting allegedly sighting Ghost in a mirror. A filmmaker on a reconnaissance trip to the building gets to hear of a spooky story revolving around the house.

It is a pity that even the experienced actors like the buck-toothed Anupam Kher and Rajpal Yadav appear to enact their parts with seemingly no involvement, just taking it easy as walking around in a garden or a mall.

Saurabh Shukla, Parambrata Chaterjee (of Kahaani fame) and Yashpal Sharma appear as a bunch of loitering jokers without any sense of direction.

To top this all, there is Jackie Shroff with his Bombaiya style taporigiri which doesn’t amuse at all.

Mahie Gill and Meera Chopra bring some glamourous quotent in this dud comedy.

Satish Kaushik’s directorial venture ends up with preaching rather than amusing the viewer. The director is more keen on sending the message of problems of urbanisation, evil of the real estate businessmen and politicians caring only for their votes.

Despite some good songs, dance, drama, romance, action and even an item number, Gang of Ghost ends up as a film which can be missed.

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Sharman Joshi as the Writer
Parambrata Chatterjee as Film Director
Mahie Gill as Manoranjana Kumari
Anupam Kher as Gendamal
Meera Chopra
J. Brandon Hill as Ramsey
Rajesh Khattar as Builder
Saurabh Shukla as the Bengali ghost
Rajpal Yadav as the Cook
Yashpal Sharma as Brigadier
Vijay Verma as the Musician
Chunky Pandey as Gendamal’s brother
Jackie Shroff as the local Don
Guest Appearance: Paoli Dam, Aniruddh Dave

Directed by Satish Kaushik
Produced by Ratan Jain, Gautam Jain
Executive Producer – Sanchita Chatterjee
Music Director – Dharam Sandeep
Lyricists – Satish Kaushik, Vikas Kumar, Qateel Shifai
Editor – Hemal Kothari
Cinematography – Johny Lall
Production Design – Sukant Panigrahy
Art – Ratan Suryawanshi, Murli J. Sabat
Background Music – Dharam Sandeep
Costume Designers – Vikram Phadnis, Shabina Khan, Deepika Lal, Anirudh Singh
Gang of Ghosts – Film Review