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Fruit & Nut – movie review

 Dia Mirza is the delicious fruit among all other the nuts


Fruit and Nut, movie review

Fruit & Nut is a spoof on India’s amusing socio-political state. Therefore a film of this genre should not be taken seriously as it has plenty of slapstick Govinda-David Dhawan type silly scenes. Fruit and nut movie review…

Directed by Kunal Vijaykar, Fruit and Nut is one of those films that succeed in making you giggle intermittently as it is a senseless comedy with not too amusing absurdities here and there.

The story of Fruit and Nut is about Jolly Maker (Cyrus Broacha), a simple, hard working middle class bachelor in search of love, money, friends and fame. He works as an accounts clerk in a greedy and corrupt builder named Khandar’s (Mahesh Manjrekar) office. This nerd Jolly Maker is an accident-prone character who leaves a trail of disaster behind him.

One day in broad daylight, Jolly Maker’s beautiful, sexy, smart and snobbish colleague, Monica (Dia Mirza), gets mysteriously kidnapped. He rescues this VIP girl Monica and becomes an overnight celebrity. .

Through a roller coaster ride and series of comical mishaps, Jolly Maker and Monica find themselves in the middle of plot that has been hatched by an insane Ex- Maharaja – Maharaja Harry Holkar (Boman Irani) who wants to destroy Mumbai!! There is also the evil builder Khandar and a self-obsessed scientist Pinakin (Rajit Kapoor) – all of them want to take over Mumbai for different reasons.

Whether the poor, adorable, accident- prone Jolly Maker finally gets his girl or not and above all whether he is able to save Mumbai or not, is what the rest of Fruit and Nut – the film is about.

There are a few clever gags here and there, with absurdity in plenty with few references to Bollywood bigwigs and some subtle spoofs.

Cyrus Broacha tries hard with comedy, while it is Boman Irani who evokes laughs as the Maharaja. The old hand Mahesh Manjrekar keeps mouthing a mix of English and Hindi gibberish and Dia Mirza is a delight as the hottie in this story as a delicious fruit among all the nuts.

Kunal Vijaykar the director of Fruit and Nut has also included in here some unnecessary songs and mistimed humour. Basically the comedy is something we have been seeing Cyrus and Kunal doing for years on the television.

Fruit & Nut would have been a brilliant comedy if it would have been shorter than the two hour film as it runs out of steam off and on.

Cast of Fruit and Nut:
Cyrus Broacha – Jolly Maker
Dia Mirza – Monica
Mahesh Manjrekar – Khandar
Boman Irani – Maharaja Harry Holkar
Atmaram Bhende – Peter
Rajit Kapoor – Pinakin
Vijay Patkar – Clint
Surendra Rajan – Dhotilal
Kishore Nandlaskar – Motilal
Suhas Khandke – Mayor
Anisha Hinduja – Suman
Sachin Nayak – Anna
Bachan Pachehra – Sulaiman
Anil Mahtrey – Inspector Chawghule

Credits & Crew of Fruit and Nut:
Banner – Studio 18
Producer: Indian Films
Director – Kunal Vijaykar
Story / Writer – Kunal Vijaykar
Lyrics – Saajan Aggarwal
Music Directors – Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur
Background Music – Tapas Relia
Cinematography – Attar Singh Saini
Choreography – Rajeev Surti
Action – Parvez Khan
Art Director – Sunil Nigvekar
Screenplay – Sharad Kataria
Sound – Dileep Subramaniam
Dialogue – Sharad Kataria
Media Relations – Spice
Publicity Designs – P9 Integrated Pvt Ltd
Singers – Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur, Neeti Muhan, Kailash Kher, Boman Irani, Mani, Mahua Kamat
Fruit and Nut, movie review