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Fredrick – Hindi movie review

An intriguing story


Frederick, Hindi Movie Review

An intriguing story line with deftly guarded suspense which keeps one on the edge of the seat. (Fredrick – Hindi movie review)

The story begins with a 16 year old boy, who seems just like all other guys , except than that his bonding was unusual with another boy of his age. This bonding was highly objectionable to his father and he has reacted violent on that another guy.

One fateful day few unfortunate events take place and this creates the platform for the story to grow further.

Then it takes a leap of 19 Years and shifts to the picturesque Mussoorie. In the breathtakingly gorgeous valleys and beautifully draped snow covered mountains of Mussoorie, a dark unknown shadow has cast a web of Human trafficking, whom nobody knows and no one has seen.

The suspended Intelligence Bureau agent Vikram (Avinash Dhyani) gets to know that sister who had gone to Mussoorie is missing.

It is his wife Amrita (Tulna Butalia) who chalks out a plan and they decide to go this beautiful hillstation on a special mission who have come to Mussoorie deliberately to get entrapped in this web.

The story takes a surprising and an unimaginable turn when Vikram realizes that whatever clue they finds during their search, they are all linked with Fredrick, every second they finds something shocking.

Only one name is mentioned everywhere – Fredrick.

The biggest question for them is that who is this Fredrick? Where is he?

If Fredrick wanted to have him killed, he could have done so easily. Then what’s stopping him?

The local henchman (Prashant Narayanan) too mentions that he is working under orders of someone superior to him, and hence he cannot eliminate Vikram, which would have been an easy task for him.

All the puzzles and mysteries are running parallel and when Vikram comes to know that actually Fredrick is not trying to kill him, he gets even more confused..

One day he finally comes face to face with Fredrick, who himself has come forth as a larger unimaginable riddle. Amidst all these mysteries and revelations this interesting tale finally reaches a painful end.

Coming to the context of the film, it attempts to bring forth many untouched social issues with several references of ‘Corruption mukt Bharat, Crime mukt Bharat’.

It is shot aesthetically on the landscape enriched with beauty of snow covered hills of Mussoorie.

The music plays a vital role and contributes to the enhancement of the feel of this film.

A blend of interesting characters and unusual thought process. Like Prashant Narayanan who is towering the performances. Avinash Dhyani plays his part well and impresses with his stunts.

Tulna Butalia who debuts in this film is cute, with the X factor and while she smiles, she reminds one of Maushami Chatterjee, the screen goddess of 80s and 90s.

Some of the action moments are gory and unimaginable. Like the henchman shooting a person from the top….

To a certain extent, this story keeps one on the edge and intrigued right from the first frame. It has a decent pace except towards the climax where it could have been crisper.


Prashant Narayanan
Tulna Butalia
Avinash Dhyani

Presented By Evana Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Produced By – Manish Kalaria(Mk)
Directed By – Rajesh Butalia
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues – Rajesh Butalia
Music – Sunjoy
Editor – Sandeep Singh Bajeli
Head Of Production – Rajeev Kapoor
Lyrics – Rajesh Butalia, Saveri Verma, Diksha Jyoti
Executive Producers – Puran Thapa (Mussoorie), Meher Haque (Mumbai), Diamond Akhtar (Mussoorie)
Art Director – Dinesh Shinde
Action Director – Vikram Dahiya
Cinematographers – Anubhav Bansal, Devendra Golatkar, Harish Negi
Costume Designer – Shivendu Shekhar
Casting Director – Harry Parmar
Choreographers – Arvind Thakur, Karishma Chavan
Chief Assistant Director – Yogesh Kodag
Assistant Directors – Alok Naik, Jagriti Choudhary, Dipankar Gupta, Rajkumar Khedwal, Saurabh Kumar, Dinesh Sharma
Background Score – Sanjoy Chowdhury
Sound Designer – Ajit Singh Rathore
Music On – Evana Production
Marketing Team – Vibes Multientertainment
Digital Consultancy – Market Chanakya
Publicity Design – Vibes Multientertainment
Frederick, Hindi Movie Review