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EMI – movie review

Liya hai toh chukana padega...


EMI, movie review

Sattar (Sanjay Dutt) owner of Good Luck Recovery Agency is the saviour and the solution for all those ever caught in the debt trap in the movie EMI. From bhaigiri to business to politics to social work – that’s how Sattar wants to progress in life. He has already graduated from bhaigiri to business and is now eager to jump into politics.

Most sought after by banks, telecom companies and various multinationals, today his Good Luck Recovery Agency is Number 1 in India. Sattar follows a simple rule when it comes to his business – Loan liya hai to chukao, shaadi kiya hai to nibhao… EMI is a pick on the easy-to-get but taxing-to-hold loans and credits. It’s a narrative of interconnecting characters coming from different strata and style.

Anil and Shilpa (Ashish Choudhary and Neha Uberoi) want to begin their lives together. They look at everything as a couple. They have along and fruitful life ahead – full of dreams and aspirations. Their marriage, their honeymoon, their own home…
The list is endless.

Now is the time to think about their future and its added responsibilities. Now is the time to start thinking of a home loan and a marriage loan and a personal loan to take care of their honeymoon and other sundry expenses.

Ryan (Arjun Rampal) is a self employed professional. He wants to live life king-size and strongly believes – “why pay for something now when you can pay later!”. When hot and happening Nancy (Malaika Arora Khan) waltzes into his life, his craving for a life that’s bigger and better gets stronger.

With Jaldi loans around, Ryan can wear the shoes he aspires to be in – literally and otherwise. He can buy that LCD screen, that home theater system and start looking for bigger and better to acquire. It takes just 72 hours to get a Jaldi Loan and with the easy repayment options, he won’t look elsewhere.

Prerna (Urmila Matondkar) is coming to terms with her husband’s suicide. Once his insurance comes through, her life will be easy, but till then she needs money to take care of herself and her daughter.

She needs the flexibility of a Personal Loan. The advantage with this loan is that she can use it for any purpose, no questions asked. Son with one loan she takes care of all her pressing needs.

Chandrakant (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) is a retired father. His only son Arjun (Pushkar Jog) wants to go abroad for further studies. The father’s savings are just not enough to fund his son’s dreams. Chandrakant starts focusing on the fact that education is always an investment for the future. He considers an Education Loan as the only way out.

The characters avail easy loan facilities, but they default when it comes to paying the monthly installments, and hence the need for Loan Recovery agencies. Sattar succeeds in using this simple principle when dealing with desperate characters and cases like Anil-Shilpa, Chandrakant-Arjun, Ryan and Prerna.

EMI is an average film with Sanjay Dutt who has a personality which does much of the talking. The typical newly weds Ashish Chaudhary and Neha Uberoi face the problems which many people face in real life. The reformed man, now Sattarbhai he helps all the defaulters in repaying their loans. In the process, he mends their broken lives and also falls in love.

Cast of EMI:
Sattar Bhai – Sanjay Dutt
Prerna Joshi – Urmila Matondkar
Anil Sharma – Aashish Chaudhary
Shilpa Sharma – Neha Uberoi
Ryan Briganza – Arjun Rampal
Nancy – Malaika Arora
Chandrakant Desai – Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Arjun Desai – Pushkar Jog
Prem Prakash Patel – Manoj Joshi
Babu – Anant Mahadevan
Gaffur Bhai – Daya Shankar Pandey
Javed – Javed Rizvi
Prerna’s Husband – Aman Verma

Credits of EMI:
Produced by – Suniel Shetty, Shabbir E Boxwala, Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor
Directed by Saurabh Kabra
Music – Chirantan Bhatt
Lyrics – Sarim Momin & Hamza Farokhi
Director of Photography – Paramveer Singh
Editor – Anand Subaiya
Cinematography – Paramvir Singh
Sound Designer – Dilip Subramaniam
Choreographers – Bosco Caeser / Harshal & Vithal
Dialogues – Khalid Azmi
Production Designer – Pritam Patil
Executive Producers – Pammi Sandhu & Sunny Narula
Costume Designer – Navin Shetty
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EMI, movie review