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Dulha Mil Gaya – movie review

How peoples lives change after they get married...


Dulha Mil Gaya, movie review

Shahrukh Khan makes a guest appearance in Dulha Mil Gaya which also has few songs featuring him along with other stars Sushmita Sen and Fardeen Khan and directed by Mudassar Aziz. The film is about relationships and the changes that happen in people’s lives when they fall in love. Dulha Mil Gaya movie review…

It opens in Trinidad with a spoiled brat son, Tej Dhanraj (Fardeen Khan). a rich Casanova who will never marry and hopes to inherit millions from his deceased father’s estate.

Shimmer is his best friend. Sushmita Sen plays the role of a successful supermodel called Shimmer who is a much sought after model in the West Indies.
But Tej is in for a rude shock. To be able to inherit the wealth of his deceased billionaire father, Tej has to marry his dad’s friend’s daughter who is in Punjab. So he has to leave his water skiing and bikini babes back in the Caribbean and fly to Punjab to marry a village girl.

So Bonsai marries Samarpreet. But the next day he is back in Trinidad, without the village belle, Samarpreet Kapoor (Ishitta Sharrma) who is now her wife. Bonsai is back to his philandering ways in Trinidad and Tobago.

Samarpreet is the typical Indian girl who is the ‘sati savitri’ type, and goes to any lengths to woo her husband. She packs her bags and leaves for the Caribbean only to find her husband canoodling with semi-clad babes.

Incidently, Samarpreet is knocked down by a speeding car. She wakes up at Shimmer’s home where gets support from Shimmer and Pawan Raj Gandhi (Shahrukh Khan). Shimmer is embarrassed of Donsai’s behavior. She hopes to reform him one day.

Shimmer takes Samarpreet under her wing and transforms her into Samara, a svelte, sassy, saucy girl who sends her own hubby leering like a poodle. Meanwhile SRK is waiting for Shimmer to say yes to him.

Fardeen Khan, as the playboy has gained a lot of weight and appears less attractive in this flick. Newcomer Ishitta Sharma is cute and decently-beautiful since she is impressive as the soft-spoken rural Punjabi girl but lacks the oomph factor which was much required for her character in the second half

Sushmita Sen as the supermodel appears tired and bored in this film Dulha Mil Gaya. She lacks the sensuality unlike which she usually appears in recent films. Johnny Lever hasn’t much to do and is disappointing.

It is only when Shahrukh’s around, the proceedings entertain, but on the whole the film maker has lost an opportunity to come out with a hit, having SRK even if it is for special appearance in Dulha Mil Gaya.

Not even Sushmita Sen and Shah Rukh Khan can save this film Dulha Mil Gaya which has a terrible script and a jumble of strangely lined happenings. Even the veterans like Johnny Lever and Parikshit Sahni are wasted in this average fare.

Credits & Crew of Dulha Mil Gaya:
Directed by Muddassar Aziz
Produced by Vivek Vaswani
Written by Vivek Vaswani, Muddassar Aziz
Music by Lalit Pandit
Art Department Mihir Shah
Cinematography Sunil Patel
Editing by Sanjay Ingle
Distributed by Insight Productions
Morpheus Media Ventures

Cast of Dulha Mil Gaya:
Fardeen Khan – Tej Dhanraj/Donsai
Sushmita Sen – Shimmer
Ishita Sharma – Samarpreet Kapoor a.k.a Samara Capore
Shahrukh Khan – Pawan Raj Gandhi, PRG
Johnny Lever – Krrish
Tara Sharma – Tanvi
Mohit Chadda – Jigar
Anushka Manchanda – Punjabi Girl
Suchitra Pillai
Vivek Vaswani
Howard Rosemeyer
Beena Kak
Craig Nunn
Tomasz Roszkowski
Dulha Mil Gaya, movie review