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Dishkiyaoon – Film Review

Aadmi Bada ho ya chhota, Koi Farak Nahi Padta, Bas uski Kahani badi honi chahiye



Born in the upper middle class society, Viki had no mother and his father had no time for him. The cold loneliness of Viki’s world left him weak and tainted from within. Absence of love and care pushed Viki to find acceptance in other places. One such place was just a road away from his plush apartment- THE GANGSTER‐LAND. Read Dishkiyaoon review further

Nicknamed as Viki Kartoos (Harman Baweja) was often bullied at school. The adolescent Viki is impressed with Mota Tony (Prashant Narayan) and comes under his influence, and this is how he becomes a gangster.

Viki finds love and acceptance, where bullets don’t warn before firing. Interpersonal relationships are complex, situations are twisted. Ambitions break free, as Viki sets his eyes on the top‐spot in gangster‐land. He backs himself to de‐throne the existing king. Where people use might, Viki uses his mind. A game of dice begins. Each throw unfolds deception, double‐cross, uncertainty, mystery and shock. It all comes down to one final throw of dice and Viki must roll a six to win.

Given a choice between ambition and revenge, only a deadly mind would pick both. Viki picks both. Big dreams, big cost. Actions have consequences. A gun shot doesn’t discriminate, it makes the same sound for every ear- ‘DISHKIYAOON’.

It falters at various points, like when Viki comes up with the proposal to set up a 100 acre plant to import industrial waste from the Western Countries and make huge profits. It isn’t clear what he imports, how he treats the waste, how it is dumped underground in his plot, and suddenly hordes of activists protest against this enterprise. This episode has many loopholes.

Aditya Pancholi’s character as Nawab Khan, the cop isn’t clear in his mind whether he is a clean cop or leaning towards the underworld. One incident of his daughter getting killed in the stampede at the protest outside Viki’s proposed plant, changes him and he decides to follow his principles.

Finally, it is how he takes on the rivals in the underworld – Gujjar and Khaleefa to avenge his mentor’s (Mota Tony) death and gets recognised as the Gangster.

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What’s Good in this film are most of the action scenes (they had to be), anything else, doesn’t work out. Be it the Shilpa Shetty’s item number or other songs in the romantic track of Harman and Ayesha Khanna. Sunny Deol with his Haryanvi accent and dialogues doesn’t impress and should have been selective of the roles in the few movies he appears.

Romantic moments between Harman Baweja and Ayesha are well depicted. Harman Baweja needs to put in more efforts to improve his acting skills, though he is much better than Love Story 2050, Victory and Whats your Rashee? He is lucky that he isn’t an outsider in the industry and would get more chances to improve himself.

One would expect a Gangster story to have well defined pivotal characters and rivals and a better script. Dishkiyaoon lack both and doesn’t have enough of the drama required to create an impact with such a theme. Forget the music, item numbers and even the uninspired love track.

Dishkiyaoon ends up as a ‘me too’ product selling an underworld story, which could have been a much better and a gripping action drama.

Harman Baweja as Viki Kartoos
Sunny Deol as Lakwa
Ayesha Khanna as Meera
Aditya Pancholi as Nawab Khan
Prashant Narayanan as Mota Tony
Anand Tiwari as Rocky Chu
Sumit Nijhawan as Iqbal Khaleefa
Hasan Zaidi as Ketan


Banner – Eros International
Producers- Sunil A Lulla, Shilpa Shetty
Director – Sanamjit Talwar
Lyricist – Sanamjit Talwar
Story – Sanamjit Talwar
Editor – Rameshwar S Bhagat
Executive Producer – Arunima Roy
Cinematography – Axel Fischer
Music – Sneha Khanwalkar, Palash Muchhal
Background Music – Amar Mohile
Choreographers – Ranju Verghese, Kadambari Shetty
Costume Design – Rocky S, Ayesha Khanna
Dishkiyaoon movie review


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