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Darr @ The Mall

It isn't safe in the Mall anymore


Darr at the Mall

A spine chilling tale of events happening one night in a newly opened mall and an encounter with the past. Darr @ The Mall movie review

Pawan Kripalani, whose previous film ‘Ragini MMS’ fetched him critics acclaim as well as box office success, is back with yet another scary film – Darr @ The Mall. This one manages to scare the viewer on several occasions with occurrences like doors opening by themselves, drawers banging and the screams of children crying which are used as background score.

Asia’s largest mall – The Grand is ready for inauguration. Over the period of its construction, there is a myth surrounding the mall that people have started labeling it as Haunted Mall.

It begins with the security guard losing his life in a gruesome accident which actually never happened. It was the imagination of the poor man that his car window is smashed and then he is shown as being strangled to death with the seat belt. The post mortem report shows that the security in charge was killed due to suffocation in his car.

The new security in charge, Vishnu is a rustic, good looking touch guy in his mid twenties. He is briefed about the past and is still willing to take up the post. Vishnu isn’t scared of ghosts. He is keen on following the rule book and begins with rectification of the CCTV monitors and perform checks at routine angles.

Owner of the mall, Mr Manchanda calls a press conference and to dispel the fears, he announces a grand bash at the opening night at the Mall. As the party has progressed, the guests start leaving, but Manchanda and his board of directors are not the only ones to be inside the Mall this night. Its his daughter and her junky friends who too are left behind.

Ahana, 20 year old, vibrant, fun loving girl is Manchanda’s daughter. This wild girl decides with her junky friends to sneak into the Mall to explore it.

While it all begins on a fun note, with Manchanda and his cronies partying and Ahana and her friend drinking and exploring other spots in the lonely areas of the mall.

Things start happening. Articles fall, voices heard.

Ahana’s boyfriend is brutally killed, then in the most chilling, frightening moment, her best friend is killed while ice-skating. Things begin to happen. Unfortunate things.

As they discover her body, pandemonium strikes.

Both groups, Ahana’s friends and Manchanda’s cronies come together. Vishnu rushes them all to the exit, troubles increase as they find the gate locked. Phones stop working, all gates are shut. Without a way all, no contacts with the outside world these 7 people are now clouded by the fear they never considered.

Vishnu asks everyone to stay together. The Unseen slowly surfaces, isolates them one by one and hunts them. Vishnu notices there’s a pattern in every killing. Short Circuit. Vishnu realizes through the course of trying to save people that the Unseen is trying to communicate something.

Facts come clear only by the end in Darr @ The Mall when only Vishnu, Manchanda and Ahana are left alive. Their stories connect and leads to a mysterious past.

About a decade ago, Manchanda and Khan wanted to grab the land which housed an Orphanage. They wanted to build a mall, which stands today, for which Manchanda had killed a sister in charge of the orphanage and all the orphan kids were burnt to death. Only one boy Arjun escaped and it is shown in the beginning that the ghost at the mall wanted Arjun to fill in the post of the Security in charge. So this explains why Vishnu aka Arjun was employed at the mall. It was the sister’s revenge from everyone involved who wants to kill Manchanda, his daughter Ahana and Khan.

Throughout the film, one notices familiar creepy moments from recently released The Conjuring and Insidious. It is a different matter here as the intensity terrifying scenes are wrapped in Desi style.

Jimmy Shergil is an accomplished actor, yet has nothing in his character, Nushrat Barucha is impressive.

Darr @ The Mall has several spine chilling moments.

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Cast of Darr @ The Mall:
Jimmy Shergil – Vishnu / Arjun
Nushrat Barucha – Ahana
Arif Zakaria – Manchanda
Asif Basra – Khan
Neeraj Khetrapal – Aneja
Nivedita Bhattacharya – Tischa
Shraddha Kaul
Neeraj Sood
Aditya Jain
Anadya Sharma
Rahul Mishra

Crew of Darr @ The Mall:
Produced by MSM Motion Pictures, Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd and Abhimanyu Singh
Music – Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics – Amitabh Bhattacharya
Concept by Abhimanyu Singh
Dialouges – Vinod Rawat, Agrim Joshi
Cinematographer – Gargey Trivedi
Editor – Pooja Ladha Surti
Darr @ The Mall movie review

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