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Coffee with D – Movie review

Arnab v/s D


Coffee with D, movie review

India’s most loved comedian-actor Sunil Grover debuts as a lead hero in the comedy drama – Coffee with D.

Country’s well known news anchor Arnab Ghosh (Sunil Grover) interviews ‘D’, the most wanted Don who opens up about ’93 Mumbai blasts live on televison. This prominent news anchor/journalist gets deep in conversation with the wanted underworld don.

Arnab is the most controversial television journalist. To that extent that he upsets a politician during a live interview which gets his boss furious, and coupled with the falling TRPs (Television Rating System Points) of Arnab’s news programme, the channel boss has decided to take Arnab off from the prime time slot and demote him to some day-time cookery show.

They have time period of 2 months to improve the channel’s viewership else it would shut down.

Now Arnab finds himself deprived of his credit card facility, cut in his other benefits and saddled with unpaid domestic bills to add to his and his pregnant wife’s woes.

Anyway it is his wife who encourges him to come up with something sensational (she suggested an interview with the most dreaded terrorist wanted by the Indian Government).

To instigate the absconding don who resides in the neighbouring country, Arnab uses the social platform to make a mockery of the dreaded don. He runs several teasers about the biggest upcoming interview with teasers featuring the local vegetable vendor, a local constable and even an arms dealer who narrate ficticious instances ridiculing the don. While it is the wily TV anchor’s own men acting these characters and belittle the don.

This is the most impressive phase in the film where the sharp witted Tele-journo uses all his means and efforts to create a buzz in the social media.

Yes, it worked and he gets a call from the right hand man of this dreaded terrorist for a one on one interview which would be telecast live, while the don having wily plans to get rid of this canny news anchor.

The film has some funny moments like D’s right-hand man Girdhari (Pankaj Tripathi) often mentioning about his handicaps, a prominent being having no balance in his mobile phone.

Some witty moments, like when posed a question, D mentions that he hates Indians, whereas the US is scared of him while the Pakistani president comes personally to pay a visit to greet him.

Save for the above, the heroines are virtual standees with Deepanita Sharma in particular who is shown as an ambitious journalist/writer who believes in compromising with her boss for promotion, while (stupidly) seducing Arnab Ghosh who is shown as a dedicated husband to his pregnant wife (Anjana Sukhani).

Zakir Husain as the Don walks through his role but a special mention has to be made about Pankaj Tripathi who stands out with his natural comic timings.

Though we could not see the hilarious side of Sunil Grover (the nations favourite comedian as Dr Mashur Gulati in a comedy show on Television) still, its a treat for his fans.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Sunil Grover as Arnab Ghosh
Zakir Husian as D (the dreaded don)
Deepanita Sharma as Neha
Anjana Sukhani as Parull (Arnab’s wife)
Rajesh Sharma as TV channel chief
Pankaj Tripathi as Girdhari (don’s right-hand man)

Banner: Apex Entertainment
Produced by: Vinod Ramani
Director: Vishal Mishra
Story: Vishal Mishra
Screenplay & Written By: Aabhar Dadhich
Music By: Superbia
Lyrics By: Sameer Anjaan
Cinematography – Anshul Chobey
Editor – Banty Nagi
Choreographer – Sujith Kumar
Background Score – Dhruv Dhalla
Shooting Locations: Mumbai & Goa
Media Relation: Altair Media
Marketing: Pulp Fiction, Neeta Shah
Coffee with D,  Movie review