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Chatur Singh Two Star – movie review

He knows everything about nothing, and he's on a mission to destroy himself!


Chatur Singh Two Star - movie review

Chatur Singh Two Star is based on a novel, titled Chalak Jasoos by M. Raza.

The only admirable thing in this film Chatur Singh Two Star is the outstanding cinematography which captures the attractive, wonderful locales of Cape Town in South Africa.

All characters try their best and end up indulging in buffoonery. The punches and jokes do not appeal at all. There is nothing like a story in this film. Just unsuccessful attempts to pack one joke after another.

Chatur Singh 2 Star enacted by Sanjay Dutt is a police officer always ending up botching up cases and making a fool of himself. He is a disgrace to the Mumbai Police Department.

Inspite of making a mess of almost every case handed to him, Chatur Singh has just been handed the biggest case in the department’s history. This is a perfect chance for him to prove everyone why he is the best officer they have.

A corrupt politician (Gulshan Grover) is shot by a sharpshooter, and the prime suspect is Sonia (Amisha Patel). She gets framed for the murder. Also connected to this crime is the mystery of missing diamonds, which lead to South Africa.

So here goes our Chatur Singh on a secret mission to South Africa. His bumbling mannerisms, clumsiness and of course, his ‘super intelligence’ sets off a string of events which lead to more chaos and confusion than anyone could have ever imagined. In an attempt to make matters comical, Chatur Singh also has a sidekick called Pappu (Suresh Menon).

To be honest, there are some moments which are funny, but as compared to Sanju Baba’s other comedy films, this isn’t even a quarter of it. Outlandish get-ups and over the top acting are served aplenty in the name of comedy.

Sanjay Dutt appears out of form in Chatur Singh Two Star. There is no chemistry between him and other comical characters played by master comedians like Suresh Menon, Satish Kaushik and even Anupam Kher. Sanju Baba at some instances appears over the top. Ameesha Patel looks out of place in this comedy.

The incidents in South Africa are unbelievable and difficult to search any humour in them. There are sequences which appear amateurish, and except for a couple of songs, there is nothing in this film Chatur Singh Two Star. More so, inspite of having gathered master comedians like Sanju baba, Suresh Menon and others.

Cast of Chatur Singh Two Star:
Chatur Singh 2 Star – Sanjay Dutt
Sonia – Ameesha Patel
Pappu Panther – Suresh Menon
Anupam Kher
Satish Kaushik
Vishwajeet Pradhan
Murli Sharma
Gulshan Grover
Ganesh Yadav
Snehal Dhabi
Arun Varma
Shashi Kiran
Mushtaq Khan
Sunil Nagar
Daman Maan
Mohd Aslam
Shakti Kapoor

Credits & Crew of Chatur Singh Two Star:
Banner – Pen India Pvt. Ltd, Lotus Pictures
Producer – Mohamed Aslam
Executive Producer – Hussain Shaikh
Director – Ajay Chandok
Dialogue Writer – Sai Kabir
Story – Rumi Jaffery, Sai Kabir
Lyricist – Jalees Sherwani
Music Director – Sajid Wajid
Cinematography – Rajeev Shrivastava
Action – Abbas Ali Moghul
Art Department – Sunil Jaiswal
Editor – Nitin Rokade
Screenplay – Rumi Jaffery
Sound – Chiranjeevi Nanda
Chatur Singh Two Star – movie review