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Chargesheet – movie review

Deals with corruption in the system


Chargesheet - movie review

He was the most dashing personalities of his times for whom girls used to die for. Dev Anand, the evergreen hero is back with his new film Chargesheet.

The story of Chargesheet is about Sultanbhai (Naseeruddin Shah) who is an underworld don based in Dubai, and has promised Maria, his mistress a big budget Bollywood film.

So Maria lands in India and visits the sets of a big budget film which is entirely being shot in Panchgani in Maharashtra. Mahesh (Jackie Shroff) is the director of this film which is being financed by the Dubai don.

Mahesh as a director has given many hit films in the past with his heroine Minnie Singh (Divya Dutta) but is less inclined to repeat her in the new venture as he has to launch Maria via this film.

If she is not given the main lead in this new film, the established actress Minnie Singh threatens the director to expose him in front of his family about their personal liaisons. This director has now decided to get her murdered through underworld.

Minnie also tries the other way around and tries to seduce the hero of the film Suraj (Chirag Patil) to recommend her as the lead heroine which Suraj doesn’t appreciate. Being coerced to do the same, and receiving threats from the actress, he too feels like wiping off Minnie.

Minnie’s father-in-law Gambhir Singh who is an ex high profile police man (played by Dev Anand) wants her to return home, after she walked out on her husband and child to chase her dreams of stardom. Minnie is adamant to stay here, thus the irate ex cop feels like killing her, and even attempts choking Minnie to death with his bare hands. Somehow he spares her. But this incident is witnessed by the people on the set.

That night, Minnie is shot in a guest house that houses the film unit. The main suspect is Gambhir Singh and the police are after him.

Politician Amar Singh has played the role of the home minister in this film in his brief appearance. As he has high ideals throughout his life and untarnished moral values, the ex cop is given a week’s time by the home minister to nab the culprit.

Chargesheet has a completely unexpected climax. Even the villagers of Maharastra take up weapons towards the end.

The film condemns the corruption that engulfed the police force. Even honest and hard working officers have been corrupted by the lure of big money. It also makes a point of the most wanted dreaded criminals having a joyful existence in other countries. Now it is entirely up to Gambhir Singh to single handedly unravel the layers of corruption and reveal the truth.

With great respect for the evergreen Dev Saab it gets 2 stars even if the script, direction and the screenplay are just average.

CAST of Chargesheet:
Dev Anand – Gambhir Singh
Jackie Shroff – Mahesh (film director)
Divya Dutta as Mini
Naseeruddin Shah as Sultan
Riya Sen – Special Appearance
Milind Gunaji as Jimmy
Yashpal Sharma as Suraj
Shaila Khan as Marian
Devshi Khanduri – Cham Cham
Amar Singh in a special appearance
Shehzad Khan
Chirag Patil
Anish Vikramaditya

CREDITS of Chargesheet
Banner – Navketan International, Warner Bros
Director – Dev Anand
Screenplay – Dev Anand
Lyricist – Anant Joshi, Neeraj
Music Director – Ad Boys
Costume Design – Sonia Dhingra
Chargesheet – movie review