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Challo Driver movie review

India's most unusual chauffeur


A  comedy drama about India’s most unusual chauffeur – Challo Driver movie review…

The film is about a young and adventurous girl Tania (Kainaz Motivala) who has plans to  start up her own venture but needs capital to do so.  During a discussion with  her room-mate  Tania thought it worth the idea to take up the job of a driver. Thinking that the drivers job would be a fun and challenging thing to do, she is in for a disappointment as her boss is Arjun (Vickrant Mahajan),  with an image of a no-nonsense business tycoon.

Orange Canvas Productions presents CHALLO DRIVER, a comedy drama, directed by Vickrant Mahajan and produced by Ronicka Kandhari, the film stars Kainaz Motivala, Vickrant Mahajan, Prem Chopra, Manoj Pahwa, Tariq Vasudeva, Juhi Pande and Silky Khanna.

Challo Driver is the story of Arjun Kapoor, a fiery young construction magnate and Tanya Malhotra, an arts graduate from Chandigarh — who unwittingly becomes his chauffeur.

He has a penchant for firing drivers and she has a proclivity for quitting jobs until fate — and an unassuming bet — throws them into the deep end and they have to stick out together for a stipulated period of 6 months!

Do sparks fly when they meet? They do, and quite explosively so! They both hate each other’s guts, and the film eventually becomes a journey of two mismatched — yet equally firebrand — people learning the all-important lesson of acceptance and sensitivity towards each other, and to their surroundings.

Tanya challenges her boss Arjun that he wouldn’t be able to work as a driver for a single day, and Arjun accepts the challenge and the tycoon dons the driver’s uniform and agrees to be Tania’s employee for a weekend – when she needs a driver to show her uncle Pappu (Manoj Pahwa) and aunt around the city.

En route, it also addresses, in a lighthearted yet potent vein, all the ills — rage, lawlessness and total chaos — that plague traffic in India and the seething cauldrons that Indian roads have become!

Eventually Challo Driver becomes a laugh fest that has the heart of a message-oriented film yet wears wholesome family entertainment on its sleeve — a film that will entertain, enlighten and enrich in equal measure.

The film Challo Driver’s music is rendered by Gaurav Dayal and Sajjad Ali.


Cast of Challo Driver
Kainaz Motivala
Vickrant Mahajan
Prem Chopra
Manoj Pahwa
Tariq Vasudeva
Juhi Pande
Silky Khanna


Credits & Crew of Challo Driver:
Director: Vickrant Mahajan
Producer: Ronicka Kandhari
Director of Photography: Neha Parti
Music: Gaurav Dayal, Sajjad Ali
Chief Assistant Director: Leena Tandon
Casting Director: Mukesh Chhabra
Art Director: Ravjeet S Madan
Line Producer: Mohit Rastogi & Sandeep Leyzell
Editor: Amitava Singha
Sound Designer: Pritam Das
Background Score: Aggi Fernandes

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