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Chal Bhaag – Hindi Movie Review

Framed as murderers in a high profile case, the trio is on the run...


Chal Bhaag Hindi film

A wannabe new age quickie about Delhi underbelly with all the ingredients, like larger than life Dons, corrupt to the core Police Personnel (it seems the department has become a favorite whipping boy of one and all including any Tom Dick and Harry). Chal Bhaag – movie review.

The movie begins with the murder of an ex-MLA, then the director goes on to establish the three protagonists. The First one, Munna Supari (Deepak Dobriyal) is a road-side tapori (smarty) showing off his razor wielding skills, and is a self proclaimed goon.

Then there is a petty thief Bunty (Tarun Bajaj) who snatches chains for a living and gives them to his early sweetheart as if on a cue.

The Third Guy Daler Singh (Varun Mehra), an outcast, is a bit of a mystery to himself, shown as a hungry tiger but across as a ‘touch-me-not’ with a heart of gold who follows his heart but is unable to convey his feelings to the one he loves, and only “sticks stickers on her sandals” (a concept which even bemused us).

The Delhi Police is under pressure, as per their reports the MLA was murdered by three shooters. The incident coincides with the arresting of Munna, Bunty and Daler for their small time crimes.

Whereas the shooters belong to a dangerous Don who has the police inspector under his thumb. He threatens the police inspector to let go off his men. The inspector, under the don’s pressure, frees his men and replaces them with Munna, Bunty and Daler.

With a twist in the story all three are thrown together and are on the run form the Law and the Don after being blamed for the murder of the brother of the biggest don of the world. Where do they land up to be saved? At the very doorsteps of Kajri (Keeya Khanna) a moll of the murdered Don who herself has a heart of gold and it turns out is also the princess of the dreams of Daler Singh (Daler di Sandal waali).

Rest of the story meanders bumpily and circumstances are created, where the protagonist trio is magically hailed as over night heros who just saved the world without anyone even noticing it.

The story takes a sharp turn and turns into a fake encounter plot. How the trio get themselves out of this situation was perceived as a satire on the Delhi-underbelly and could have been a thriller in its own rights, was degenerated into a non-stop nonsense show like the one we saw in the 80’s – the Didi’s comedy show on Doordarshan, but even that raised more laughs than this one.

The film’s premises is very similar to “Ek Chaalis ki last local” only difference being it showed Bombay’s underbelly and we would rate it as a cult classic in comparison.

Performances by veterans like Sanjay Mishra who is Tata Singh, a sophisticated pimp, Yashpal Sharma as the Inspector in Charge, Mukesh Tiwari as Kishan, the Senior Constable, Atul Srivastav as Ramlal the accompanying Constanbe are very natural.

It is Deepak Dobariyal who carries the film on his shoulders, Tarun Bajaj is perfectly cast as the chain snatcher. Varun Mehra is good looking but needs to work hard on acting skills.

Down to earth film, quite impressive in the beginning with twists and turns, but post interval it loses its grip on the thrill part and appears as a quick fix job.

Chal Bhaag is a realistic, action-comedy.


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Cast of Chal Bhaag:

Deepak Dobariyal As Munna Supari
Varun Mehra As Daler Singh
Tarun Bajaj As Bunty
Keeya Khanna As Kajari
Sanjay Mishra As Tata Singh
Yashpal Sharma As Satyapal Sharma
Mukesh Tiwari As Kishan
Atul Srivastav As Ramlal
Manish Khanna As Mamool
Kuwar Aziz As Usmaan

Credits of Chal Bhaag:
Banner – Alimoh Films
Produced By Mohammad Zaheer Mehdi, Fatima Zaheer Mehdi, Ali Zaheer Mehdi, Tamkanat Ali Mehdi
Director – Prakash Balwant Saini
Co-Producer – Ali Ghadeer Mehdi
Executive Producers – Syed Tufail Haider, Syed Zahir Hussain
Story / Writers/ Dialogue / Screenplay – Tarun Bajaj
Background Music – Amit Rathod
Choreographers – Swarup, Robin-Darwin
Costume Designers – Fatima Zaheer Mehdi, Tanu Krishna
Media Consultant – Vijay Grover
Marketing Head – Kunal Rohra
Music By – Sattish Kashyap, Sadhu Sushil Tiwari, Sanjay Pathak
Singers – Javed Ali , Khushbu Jain, Ritu Pathak, Sadhu Sushil Tiwari, Geet Sagar, Tarannum Malik
Lyricist – Niket Pandey, Dr.Devendra Kafir, Sanjay Pathak
Editor – Hardik Singh Reen (A.F.E)
Cinematography – Sameer Bhaskar
Action – Shakil Sheikh
Art – Salim Abdul
Casting Director – Anuj Gill
Background Music – Amit Rathod
Publicity Designers – Brijesh Dedhia
Film Shot At – Future Studio, Rassian Villa, Film City, Sankraman Studio, Gemini Studio
Shooting Locations – Mumbai , Delhi
Sound Designer – Satish Pujary
Music Company – Zee Music