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Bloody Isshq – movie review

Love is in the heart, Betrayal is in the mind


This bollywood thriller begins with a ruthless murder of a lass in the parking area in Bangkok. It revolves around the three characters and the relationships between Nirvaan, Natasha and Radhika.

Natasha is a man-eater and a wager from a friend starts the game of seduction between Natasha and Nirvaan.

But things take a complete twist when Natasha actually falls for Nirvaan’s charms unaware of the fact that Radhika is a part of Nirvaan’s life and Nirvaan is upto something which Natasha had not thought of… what follows is a trail of love and betrayal…

Nirvaan Shroff (Akash Singh) is a grungy mysterious singer in the back alleys of Bangkok. Few people know his whereabouts, a chronic recluse which is very evident in his subliminal sociopathic messages in his lyrics. Misery haunts him yet he is a person of interest to all around him, most of whom don’t really know that he masks a stranger inside him which even he, surprisingly is unaware of.

Raadhika (Shilpa Anand) Tender, Caring and Nirvaan’s romantic interest. She is a breeze to Nirvaan’s smoky existence. Usually chirpy and a zealot, even she hides a traumatic facade with a dazzling smile knowing how to live in the ‘now’ and her only motto is to pull Nirvaan out of his spiraling abyss of self loathing.

Natasha Kapoor (Tripta Parashar) is orphaned at an early age and heiress to a million dollar hotel enterprise, her only sport in life is to feed her carnal vengeance, origins of which go back to a painful childhood. She is a feisty, sexy man eater who has rebellion on her mind just by the virtue of the same. But deep within, her soul yearns for the love that she could never have and a man whom she could never resist, Nirvaan Shroff.

Chief Inspector Rathod (Mukesh Tiwari) is aerving law enforcement for the past two decades he has a hawk eye perception of criminal minds and an uncanny resilience to pursue his target to the corners of human endurance. He shares an uneasy relationship with Natasha Kapoor, a promise made long ago to her parents and a piqued interest in a stranger called Nirvaan. Rathod is the first person you would call for help and the last person you would want to mess with.

Why would the ravishing, high flying Natasha Kapoor fall to the charms of an unknown stranger, who rescued her from a deadly accident!

And who is this long maned, guitar wielding broody stranger…with rakish looks and an ability to resist even Natasha’s charm.

How could a man-eater like her seduce this stranger, Nirvaan Shroff into total submission? …she never lost at this game before…but this time

When the hunter had become the hunted!… Nirvaan heedlessly continued the seductive conquest

What caused Nirvaan to take such a dangerous step when he should have been by the side of his Beautiful wife, Radhika and would Natasha, ever know that in this game of seduction, she had actually fallen for Nirvaan? The story unfolds in the second half.

Shilpa Anand’s character isn’t quite defined nor is it that powerful. It is Tripta Parashar’s role as the glamorous man eater which is notable. As regards Akash, nothing great in his role but one thing is that this dude has a manly voice.

There are quite a few loopholes in this suspense thriller. Some of the songs are well picturised. The thrills and action leave a lot to be improved upon. Some nice locations of Bangkok and Pattaya are captures in this overall, an average film.

Akash as Nirvaan Shroff
Shilpa Anand as Raadhika
Tripta Parashar As Natasha Kapoor
Mukesh Tiwari As officer Vikram Rathod
Karan Mehra As Rahul

Banner: Ashavari Media Pvt Ltd
Co Producer: Kunal Singh
Creative Director : Aroti Bhattacharya
Story, Screenplay and Add. Dialogue : Aroti Bhattacharya
Dialogues : Sanjeev Tiwari
Music Director :Ashok Bhadra
Director : Arup Dutta
Lyricist: Kumaar
Cinematography : Arvind .K
Choreographer :Raju khan , Ganesh Acharya Action: Tinu verma
Costume Designers :Kavita-Sunita, Krishna Singha Roy, Aftaab
Background Score : Ashok Bhadra
Editor : Sanjay Sankla
Art Director : Shammi Tiwari & Abid Shaikh
Sound Designer : Subash sahoo Publicity PRO : Ashwani Shukla ,Altair Media
Publicity Stills & Designs : Ashhok Kotian

Bloody Isshq – movie review