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Azaan – movie review

If it's about saving humanity, he will go to any length


Azaan - movie review

The exotic locales of South Africa, Thailand, Germany, Morocco, France, India, Poland and China are beautifully showcased in Azaan, which is an action thriller dealing with global threats of terrorism stemming from cross religious misconceptions engulfing the world at a fast pace today. Azaan movie review…

India is a country with a tenuous hold over its people, power and future; and also one of the top 5 economies of the world. A nuclear power with staggering levels of poverty.

It has a population of 1.2 billion; while some think this is its biggest curse, others believe it to be its possible strength. What if this very population was used as a weapon against India itself?

As science and technology breaks new grounds, the face of global terrorism gets ugly. One person who personifies this in his ambitions, intelligence and absolute amorality is Doctor (Sajid Hassan), an ex-CIA agent and the father of modern biological warfare.

Doctor’s grand plan for India begins with the sensational bombings at the peace festival of Germany. The second step in India’s destruction is his heinous plan to spread the dreaded Ebola virus amongst the general public. He is backed by a powerful nation, which is interested in the absolute destruction of India.

Pitted against him is Aazaan Khan (Sachiin J. Joshi) a young upright army officer working for RAW (India’s Research and Analysis Wing) with a mixed lineage of Afghan and Indian parents, as part of his duties, gets drawn into the murky world of espionage only to find his younger brother a suspected terrorist.

What unfolds is a fast paced story of one man’s determination of saving his country against all odds of human defiance.

Afreen (Candice Boucher) – a gorgeous sand-artist comes along Aazaan’s way when he is vulnerable and broken. She grounds him with the human emotion of love that helps him conquer the plot.

Being India’s first truly international production the film is an ensemble cast of Indian and foreign actors, crew comprising editor Humphrey Dixon (UK), Oscar winning cinematographer Axel Fischer, BVK, who has captured the exotic locales of various countries.

The other cast in Azaan includes Ravi Kishan (India), Amber Rose (Poland), Sajid Hassan (Pakistan), Alyy Khan (INDIA) and Samy Gharbi (France).

Debutant actor Sachiin J Joshi as AAZAAN has captured the contrast of emotions with a performance played to perfection. Adding glamour and beauty is Candice Boucher – the famous South African model, who is the leading lady of this riveting action thriller.

Cast of Azaan:
Aazaan Khan – Sachiin J. Joshi
Afreen – Candice Boucher
Mahfouz – Dalip Tahil
Imaad – Aarya Babbar
Malak – Samy Gharbi
Pandey (RAW Officer) – Ravi Kissen
Sam Sharma (RAW Officer) – Alyy Khan
Home Minister – Vijendra Ghatge
Menon – Sarita Choudhury
Sofiya – Amber Rose Revah
Aman Khan – Neet Mohan
Doctor – Sajid Hassan

Credits & Crew of Azaan:
Studio JMJ Entertainment
Directed By Prashant Chadha
Written By Shubhra Swarup, Heeraz Marfatia, Prashant Chadha
Screenplay By Shubhra Swarup
Produced By JMJ Entertainment
Music – Salim SulaimanLyrics – Amitab Bhattacharya
Editors – Amitab Shukla, Humphrey Dixion
Director of Photography – Axel Fischer, BVK
Production Designer – Priten R. Paril
Costume Designer – Roopa Chadha
Executive Producer – M.R. Shahjahan
Associate Producers – Shaju Ignatius, Sunaman Sood
Sound Design – Parikshit Lalwani, Kunal Mehta
Line Producer – Nijoo Mawani
Locations – Germany, Morocco, France, India, Poland, Thailand, China, South Africa
Azaan – movie review