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Ashok Chakra – movie review

A Tribute to Real Heroes


Ashok Chakra, movie review

Written by Sartaaj Mani, the film Ashok Chakra is based on a true story and a tribute to all martyrs who laid down their lives in 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai, India. Ashok Chakra movie review…

For those who are unaware, Ashok Chakra is the most honorable reward of courage and brave which is tribute to the Indian solders. It is about the war against terrorism. 26/11 is engraved as a terror day not only for the city of Mumbai but also all over the country. In the Indian sub continent it is considered as the dark day for humanity.

This film Ashok Chakra delves on the very fearing aspect of terror. It is is based on the human bombs. As seen today, these human bombs are employed by various terrorist groups and are sent to different countries to spread terror.

It is based on the terrorist attack in Mumbai on 26th of November 2008. And in this film a character by the name of Assab is the big name in the terror. He comes to Mumbai through the sea route, creates terror in the city and kills scores of people in Mumbai.

Ajmal Kasab (Verma) charts his journey from the LeT training camp in Pakistan for reaching his targets in India. He is shown arriving on the Mumbai shores with nine other accomplices with a mission to spread terror on the fateful night of 26th November 2008.

This villain is pitted against Hemant Karkare (Homi Wadia), Tukarum Ombale (Ashok Samarth), Ashok Kamte (Amit Behl), Salaskar (Sudesh Berry) and a number of other law enforcement officers.

The rest of Ashok Chakra is about what happens after Asab who is caught by the valiant Ombale, the patriot who lays down his life trying to arrest him.

In the film it is shown that the information gathered through Assab is that there is someone else who is employing such men and makes them into human bombs.

Such human bombs are being produced in quantities and are dispatched to different countries to create havoc and spread terror.
In the end this Assab is hanged till death in the film. Aroon Bakshi is music director of the film.

Rajan Verma, who plays Asab aka Kasab does somewhat okay as the psychopath killer on the move.

Produced on a somewhat low budget, this film Ashok Chakra is dedicated to the Indian solders.

Cast of Ashok Chakra:
Rajan Verma – Asaab
Homi Wadia – Hemant Karkare
Ashok Samarth – Tukaram Ombale
Sudesh Berry – Salaskar
Amit Bhel – Ashok Kamte
Milind Gunaji
Mushtaq Khan
Manini De Mishra
Aroon Bakshi
Avtar Gill
Ashish Vidyarthi
Ashan Khan
Mehul Buch
Adi Irani, Sandeep Munde, Vaibhavi Bhel, Usha Jadhav, Firdous, Shiva, Ehsaan Khan.

Credits & Crew of Ashok Chakra:
Banner: Colorfull Movies
Director: S.P. Muneshwar
Producer: Colorfull Movies
Cinematographer: Najeeb Khan
Music Director: Aroon Bakshi
Lyricist: Manoj Kumar
Ashok Chakra, movie review