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Angel – movie review

This is not a love story. This is a story about love.


Angel, movie review

Ganesh Acharya who has choreographed the title tracks of Dabangg and Golmaal 3 and the Zor ka jhatka number in Action Replayy and directed films like Swami and Money Hai to Honey Hai has come up with this third bollywood movie Angel.

Angel has two debutant actors – Nilesh Sahay (Sanjay Dutt’s nephew). Nilesh is the son of yesteryear’s actress Zaheeda who was seen in the song Choodi Nahi Ye Mera Dil haai with Dev Anand. The other debutant is Maddalsa sharma (Television actress Sheela Sharma’s daughter). Angel movie review…

Nilesh and Maddalsa are in lead roles. The story is about two people, a girl Sonal who cannot speak and a boy Abhay who speaks a lot. Its about how Abhay meets Sonal who he fondly calls ‘Angel’ and becomes her friend helping her overcome her disability.

Angel begins with a Abhay (Nilesh Sahay) being beaten by the police and who has just served a two year jail sentence. A happy-go-lucky young man Abhay loves to live life king size, till fate leads him to prison.

Abhay, has been in and out of jail. The first time he is behind the bars for two years after a freak accident where a man is hit on the road, killing him on the spot. This time he has been inside the prison for seven years for death of a man.

After serving his term, he realizes that he is no more required in the house, his family members disown him and even his friends too show him the door. He finally finds a friend in the daughter of the deceased victim – the mentally challenged girl Sonal (Maddalsa Sharma) whose father was killed by him.

Sonal’s brother and sister-in-law live in a posh apartment, while she is subjected to stay in a chawl with a maid to look after her. When Ajay meets the girl, he asks for forgiveness. Sonal who is initially outraged, mellows down and after a point even starts liking Abhay. He too likes her, and takes up the mission to bring the girl to normalcy.

Love brews between them amidst the physiotherapy sessions and everything’s is looking fine, until an incident throws their life in complete disarray.

One weird thing is with the blooming romance of the debutants, their love is all about the chanting some incoherent Chinese mantra.

Does Sonal forgive the man who killed her dad (by default) and will she fall in love with him to become his angel?

There is nothing impressive or new in this love story Angel as even the narrative is too slow till midway. Post interval, there is a twist which somewhat accelerates the narrative to a certain extent.

Supposed to be a naturalistic film, it has some illogical scenes like where Abhay takes on several policemen single handedly. Gone are those days of the angry young man in Bollywood. The present generation does not click with such stuff. And by the way aren’t our cops, especially the police officers armed with guns?

Several songs are shot in foreign locations as with Aseem Bajaj’s cinematography which is quite decent. Songs in this film are penned by Shabbir Ahmed and music directed by Amjad Nadeem. Aadesh Shrivastav has composed the background score.

Nilesh Sahay is fine, but needs a lot of improvement. Maddalsa Sharma is impressive in her handicapped act. Manoj Joshi and Aruna Irani are fine, but there is some soul missing in this sensitive subject which otherwise could have been a memorable tear-jerker.

Cast of Angel:
Nilesh Sahay – Abhay
Maddalsa Sharma – Sonal
Aruna Irani
Manoj Joshi
Vaishali Thakkar

Credits & Crew of Angel:
Presented by Pushpa Krishna Creations
Produced & Directed by Ganesh Acharya
Director of Photography – Aseem Prakash Bajaj
Music – Amjad-Nadeem
Lyrics – Shabbir Ahmed
Writer – Mauzzam Beig
Associate Director – Raakesh Sahu
Executive Producer – Honey Chandok
Script Consultant – Vibha Singh
Editor – Nilesh Naik
Background Score – Adesh Shrivastava
Mixing Engineer – Leslie Fernandes
Art Director – Aashish Anant Ranade
Action – Mahendra Vrma
Choreographer – Sanjeev-Rahul
Sound – Jitendra Chaudhary
Costume Designer – Jimmy
Publicity Design – Sachin Suresh Gurav
Angel, movie review