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Anamika – movie review

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Anamika, movie review

Inspired from Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Rebecca, which was brilliantly tailored into a Oscar-winning mystery film by Alfred Hitchcock, Anamika the film needs to be lauded for the attempt by the director Anant Mahadevan. Though it is inappropriate to compare to the old work of genius, it still could have been a little better than what has hit the screens now.

Anamika. the film is about Vikram Aditya Sisodia (Dino Morea) who owns Gajner Palace in Rajasthan comes down to Mumbai for an international convention with a proposal to convert his palace into a resort.

Vikram meets the youthful Jia Rao (Minissha Lamba) an orphan girl struggling to make ends meet as a part-time escort and tuition teacher. Jia plays his escort during his trip and the two fall in love.

Vikram Sisodiya proposes to Jia in the course of a romantic dream sequence in Thailand and she is in high spirits about it. The newly married couple arrive at their palatial home in Gajner, a picturesque setting situated in the barren landscape of Rajasthan.

But before he marries Jia, Vikram Sisodiya reveals that it would be his second marriage and his first wife Anamika had died under unfortunate circumstances. Jia is too happy to bother about it.

When Jia lands up at the picturesque Lake Palace of Gajner, two things hit her… the size of the place and the comparisons she draws to the beautiful socialite first wife Anamika.

Everyone in the palace talks about Anamika and her beauty, which makes Jia feel insecure. She makes an effort to emulate the dead Anamika, but that creates problems for her marriage. Her attempts to make over herself into Anamika are much to Vikram’s discontent, simply because it was not the kind of memory he preferred to take pleasure in.

The mystery deepens when Vikram’s elder sister (Achint Kaur) and suspicious copy and his brother-in-law (Gulshan Grover), accuse him of having a hand in Anamika’s death. Now Jia is in a dilemma of love and death, hounded by the memories of Anamika and speculating whether Vikram had actually killed his wife. Her only assistance appears to be Malini (Koena Mitra) who tells her all about Anamika. Malini is the governess of Gajner and who is supporting Vikram to convert the palace into a resort. Vikram’s cheesy cousin-in-law (Jatin Grewal) aid to the gloomy situations.

Then suddenly, things start happening. Sanjay (Prithvi Zutshi), the supposed lover of Anamika then emerges. It is an unusual thundershower which makes Jia confront the presence of Anamika. Further then, a sandstorm throws up the most shocking secret of the palace.

These revelations come as an absolute shocker for Jia. She now finds herself facing the same doom as Anamika. She is staring her death. Will she become another memory… will Vikram be responsible… what is the stunning truth behind those palace walls?

Leaving the comparison aside, Anamika is less fascinating as compared to its inspired source – Rebecca, since it still could have been one of the most captivating romantic mystery film in recent times. The film’s source being so illustrious, the director has failed in his task to maintain the suspense in the movie till the flag end, consequently losing out on the element of surprise. Further, the film’s screenplay is not tight enough for a thriller.

About the performances of characters, the male protagonist, Dino Morea isn’t impressive. Its only Minissha Lamba with her radiant screen presence who skillfully etches the character of a baffled girl. She has put in a very good performance as Jia, who is living out her life under the shadow of her husband’s first wife. Koena Mitra the alluring beauty puts in a fairly decent performance in whatever few moments she is there in the film. Gulshan Grover’s presence as the cop who is also related to the protagonist adds a little life to the film.

The film’s music by Anu Mallik is average with just one impressive number Shagufta Dil. Pushan Kriplani’s Cinematography captures the locations in Rajasthan even the arid regions in a beautiful manner.

Cast of Anamika:
Vikram Singh Sisodiya – Dino Morea
Jia Rao – Minissha Lamba
Anamika – Aarti Chhabria
Koena Mitra
Achint Kaur
Gulshan Grover
Prithvi Zutshi
Vishwajeet Pradhan
Jatin Grewal

Crew of Anamika:
Directed by Anant Mahadevan
Producer – Bhanwar Lal Sharma
Writing credits
Based on the Novel – Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
Original Music by Himesh Reshammiya
Screenplay – Anant Mahadevan, Anand Vardhan
Cinematography – Pushan Kriplani
Music Director – Anu Malik
Art Department
Graphic Designers – Sunil Gujar, Ramakant Kanojia
Anamika, movie review