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Agyaat – movie review

You can't escape the unknown


Agyaat, movie review

The story of Agyaat is about a film unit that goes for a shoot deep into a forest. Agyaat movie review…

They settle at a place with bare minimal facilities run by a strange and quirky man called Setu.

The hero of the film Sharman (Gautam) is a completely self obsessed man with no other concern except for his muscles and the leading lady. The leading lady Aasha (Priyanka Kothari) bears with him because of his star status. Director JJ (Howard Rosemeyer) thinks of himself as India’s answer to Steven Spielberg.
While the Producer Moorty (Ishrat Ali) thinks the director is screwing up the film and stopping him from becoming the next Yash Chopra.

Laxman (Ishteyak Khan) is a completely subservient spot boy but with a hidden monstrous ego. Cinematographer Shakky (Kali Prasad) is very philosophical in nature and Action Director Rakka (Ravi Kale) is a frustrated man who hates the leading actor, Sharman. Script Supervisor Sameera (Rasika Duggal) is a simpleton with ideals and a secret crush on the protgaonist Sujal (Nitin) who is an Assistant Director, who in turn has a huge crush on the leading lady of the film – Aasha.

It all begins when the camera conks off… They have two days waiting for the replacement to arrive and with no form of entertainment or communication when Setu (Joy Fernandes) suggests a camping trip into the forest, they jump at the opportunity. As Setu drives them through the jungle around the undergrowth in a relic Jonga, they begin to wonder how Setu can remember the way back as the jungle looks the same all around.

As they settle near a pond for the night and sit around a bonfire, Setu hears a strange sound. He goes to investigate and never returns. After a desperate search they discover his dead body.

Panic sets in among the unit members and they jump into the Jonga but them being unfamiliar with the terrain and their hastiness result in an accident.
The axle breaks.

Now completely lost and trapped in the jungle as Setu, the only guy who knew the way out is dead, they don’t know which way to move to get out of the forest… yet another unit member gets brutally killed thereby, making them realize that whatever it is that has killed Setu is out to get them all.

From then on it is a desperate struggle to survive against that unknown entity. And as their numbers dwindle, the suppressed passions among them come forth, they realize that it is not only their lives they are fighting for, but also for their loves…

Agyaat Directors note:

The director of Agyaat seems to be an incredible fan of the thriller genre where this is an unknown or a known entity which is out to kill at random a group of people trapped in a certain situation. Remember Raat, and even Jungle or the Darna Mana hain?

Most of his past films have go th the extent of not showing the antagonist at all. Agyaat is about the emotional complexities that extreme fear unleashes in people.

The story of Agyaat is about a film unit goes for a shoot deep into a forest, a far away land and then things happen. The best part of this story is the human drama of how in a given situation the whole film unit’s hierarchial differences get erased and all of them become as human as anybody else when faced with death.

Agyaat is shot in the jungles of Sri Lanka.

CAST of Agyaat:
Nitin as Sujal
Priyanka Kothari as Aasha
Gautam as Sharman
Rasika Duggal as Sameera
Howard Rosemeyer as JJ
Ravi Kale as Rakka
Ishrat Ali as Moorthy
Ishteyak Khan as Laxman
Kali Prasad as Shakky
Joy Fernandes as Setu

Credits & Crew of Agyaat :
Presenter UTV Motion Pictures
Production Dreamforce Enterprise
Producer Ronnie Screwvala & Ram Gopal Varma
Director Ram Gopal Varma
Co‐Producers Zarina Mehta, Deven Khote & Siddharth Roy Kapur
Associate Producer Ram Mirchandani
DOP Surjodeep Ghosh
Writer Puneet Gandhi / Nilesh Girkar
Editor Nipun Ashok Gupta
Sound Designer Dwarak Warrier
Mixing Engineer Leslie Fernandes
Background Score Amar Mohile
Executive Producer Sheel Nimbalkar
Line Producer(SriLanka) Chandran Rutnam
Action Director Javed‐Aejaz
Music Bapi‐Tutul / Imran‐Vikram
Lyricist Prasant Pandey / Sandip Singh / Sarim Momin
Choreographer Howard Rosemeyer / Jani Basha
Costume Designer Vyoma Kavdikar
Publicity Designer Sachin Suresh Gurav
1st Assistant Director Mohan Babu Bammidi
2nd Assistant Director Nadeem Shah
Special Publicity Stills & Concept Sachin Suresh Gurav
Promo Editors Nipun Ashok Gupta / Vinoo Choliparambi
DI, Visual Effects Prime Focus Ltd.
Chief Executive Edwin Paul
Production Head Vijay Vinayak Joshi
Marketing Head Arpan Gauchan
Agyaat, movie review

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