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702 Dixit’s – Marathi film review

It Could be your Story


702 Dixits - Marathi movie review

A small budget gripper from the Marathi stable.

It could happen to you is the apt tagline. A day to day story a housemaid is thrown off the balcony of the flat 702 of Pune’s highrise Rosemary Society.

Kaavya (Gauri Nigudkar) and Yash Dixit (Vijay Andalkar) are a jet couple leading a blissful life along with their 10 yea old daughter Reva (Ruchi Jail).

Their perfect life comes to a grinding halt when the governess Asha (Anushree Junnarkar), they had hired a while back to take care of Reva, falls from their balcony and dies.

The man of the house has taken leave and is working from home. It is a point worth a wonder – It is a great boon or a bane of tech workers?

Since Yash is the only family member at home on that fateful day, he is arrested on suspicion of murder. Yash pleads his innocence to the cops and to Kaavya. But all evidence including Asha’s father, Raoji points out against Yash.

At one moment even Kaavya has visions of Yash being close to the governess. This is beautifully crafted to show the flashes of thoughts occuring to a person post such an unexpected incident.

The inspector takes our man for questioning and puts him behind bars.

But Kaavya is desperate to prove Yash’s innocence and calls Riya, Yash’s childhood friend and an ex lawyer for help.

It is Kaavya’s grittiness that makes her takes it upon herself to gain his independence from the lockup, while the cops are apathic as they see a well off family under their clutches, still the wife doesn’t give up hope very ably supported with help of the man’s childhood female friend who leaves no stone unturned to uncover the truth.

A very fascinating tale unfolds as evidence is circumstantial and a rape angle is also built in (reminds one of shiney Ahuja).

To add fuel to the fire, Kaavya also has doubts, then this guy is also shown as popular with the girls in his organisation, the back and forth method of storytelling is employed with good effect.

Its not the story alone but the handling of it what keeps you reveted to your seats.

But is Yash really innocent? Did she commit suicide? Who is behind this incident which disrupts the Dixits’ peaceful life? And the biggest question…was their life genuinely blissful?

702 Dixit’s is a rivetting thriller with varied ride of emotions and loads of twists, compelling one to question ‘Can you always believe what your eyes see?’

So one can say chhota bomb bada dum. Such movies give a fillip to the nascent regopma; film media. In all an impressive attempt.good for Hindi movie going a audience and a must see for all cosmopolitan city urbanites may they be non Marathi speaking.
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Cast of 702 Dixit’s:
Yash Dixit – Vijay Andalkar
Inspector Suresh Patil – Jaywant Wadkar
Kaavya Dixit – Gauri Nigudkar
Riya Pandit – Pallavi Patil
Raoji – Umeesh Dhoot Nandedkar
Advocate Deshmukh – Shrirang Deshmukh
Suhana – Sneha Chavan
Guest Appearance by Vikram Gokhale
Asha – Anushree Junnarkar
Reva – Ruchi Jail
Raghu – Jagdish Dhalpe
Inspector Rahul Bhosale – Rahul Kulkarni
Watchman – Aftab Ansari
Bhajiwala – Sudarshan Kale
Kaavya’s Mother – Smita Inamdar

Credits of 702 Dixit’s:

Banner – Shankh Rajyadhyaksha Motion Picture
Produced by Rohit Jail, Prashant Umbrani
Director – Shankh Rajyadhyaksha
Executive Producer – Vaishali Tulpule-Jail

Creative Producer – Jamshid Roointon
Chief Assistant Director – Shrutika Pandit
Assistant Directors – Pradeep Gurav, Suresh Agarwal
Associate Editor – Sanket Rajyadhyaksha
Assistant Editor – Chaitanya Bhise
Songs written by Vighnaharta
Making – Namrata Mantri
Production Controller – Rahul Srivastav
Production Manager – Rajaram Kore
Production Assistants – Ajay Bhat
Production Runners – Vishnu Ghorpade , Mayur , Rupesh
Office Production Boy – Mangesh
Chief Assistant Cinematographer – Amit Singh Amy
First Assistant Cinematographer – Sreenivas Beesaveni
Focus Puller – Abhishek
Costume Assistant – Everly Quadros
Dressman – Majid
Singers – Hrishikesh Ranade, Priyanka Barve
Recorded By Manas Mali
Recorded At AK Studio, Pune
Arranged By Shubhankar
Mixing & Mastering By Pranam Pansare
Mixing & Mastering At Sound Ideaz
702 Dixits, Marathi, movie review

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