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Manish Tiwary’s ‘Chidiakhana’ shoot begins in Mumbai

Chidiakhana shoot begins

Director Manish Tiwary back with ISSAQ team for his next titled “Chidiakhana” shoot begins in Mumbai

Manish Tiwary returns with his ISSAQ team with a diametrically opposite theme. The shoot has kicked off in South Mumbai last week with Prashant Narayanan, Rajehswari Sachdev, Ravi Kishan and others.

The twist in the tale comes in the form of love interest which has reversed in this film. While Issaq had Ravi Kishen as Rajeshwari ‘s love interest, in Chidiakhana, the roles have been reversed; it is Prashant Narayanan opposite her!

Titled Chidiakhana, the film is about a young Bihari boy, with a passion for football. He has come to live with his poor mother under difficult conditions in a Mumbai chawl, when protection comes from unexpected quarters; a local Marathi gangster, played by Prashant Narayanan comes to their rescue and gives wings to their modest dreams.

Said Manish Tiwary, “I have been wanting to make this film for the longest. Luckily Sports films is current flavour and is finding better acceptance amongst audience. It’s particularly ENCOURAGING to get our casting right. Films and sports both need a great team to succeed and am happy to have found one.“

Speaking to the media, Chairperson of CFSI Mr. Mukesh Khanna is happy to support original films with established filmmakers. In Chidiakhana, there was a story waiting to be told and we are happy that director Manish Tiwary is helming the project. A wonderful cast has already joined the film, the locations are real, the mood vibrant. We can’t reveal more at this stage, but the film will be a great heart warning, entertainer

CK is set in Mumbai and has very real locations.

Director Manish Tiwary who has earlier directed films Dil Dosti Etc and ISSAQ takes off on an absolutely diverse premise this time.Thefilm is funded by CFSI.

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