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‘Mahabharata in Lahore’ is Rohit Kumar’s next

Rohit Kumars Mahabharata in Lahore

With the audiences giving full Thumbs Up to “Shaadi Teri Bajayenge Hum Band” that is still running across cinemas, the film’s producer Rohit Kumar has already announced his next at a press meet held last week.

‘Mahabharata in Lahore’ is the title of the next film announced by Rohit Kumar whose maiden venture ‘Shaadi Teri Bajayenge Hum Band’ (STBHB) has recovered its cost and on the verge of fetching overflow to his production company.

Boosted by such a positive response to Rangrezza Films is finalizing the scripting of their next which shall be a comedy like their first one with the sole motive of their production company’s motto – To produce films that are enjoyed by the whole family.

‘Friendship goes in for a toss’ in the comedy film STBHB which mainly builds on confusion and how that creates a huge humorous ruckus that will leave its audience in splits. Their second venture will carry a message – a nationalist mesage with Rohit Kumar playing a pivotal character.

“‘Mahabharata in Lahore’ is the story of 4 central characters and this one too will be directed by Gurpreet Sondh. The talks are on with current heart throbs for the lead cast and once finalized, we shall announce it through Filmy Town,” revealed Rohit adding, “It will have good music and a strong angle with comedy as its core with a message against terrorism.”

Speaking about his theatre and filmy background, Rohit says, “Since 2006 I am into theatre and acted in several plays while in Delhi and in Mumbai. While stage has its movement limitations, loud expressions and there are no retakes in drama, while acting in films has its advantages of having several re-takes and one has to be cautious to carry subdued emotions as its magnified several times on the screen.”

Full praises for Rajpal Yadav who was in STBHB, Rohit said, “It was very pleasing to work with Rajpal Sir. He is so down to earth, and goes on giving retakes untill the director is satisfied. He was so kind enough to spare one more day of shooting as we overshot the schedule. Rajpal Sir never made us feel that it was our first production.”

Ending with the difference in work culture in film industry in Delhi vis-a-vis, Rohit observed, “The actors and technicians in Delhi have a laid back attitude but they have a heart. In Mumbai I found the industry people dedicatedly working right on time yet they are too professional (and mechanical) in their work.”

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