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Madhur Agarwal’s inspiration is Raj Kapoor in Gemplex’s next release – LIPS DON’T LIE


Raj Kapoor’s famous dialogue from the movie Sangam “Hum toh dil ke saudagar hai.. dil khareedthe hai.. dil bechte hai..” tells about the state of his heart when he is torn between love and friendship. Madhur Agarwal uses this genealogy to the hilt and gets inspired by his idol Raj Kapoor’s take on love as base for his next directorial – Lips Don’t Lie, an original series premiering on 25th October on Gemplex.

Director Madhur Agarwal is an ardent fan of Raj Kapoor’s way of presenting the relations and the conflicts like possession, obsession or just plain love arising from it. The prevailing layer of drama beneath every relationship, especially between two lovers is what Raj Kapoor explored to the core, Madhur also tries to achieve the same in a tactfully knotted anthology of 4 stories in “Lips Don’t Lie”, starring Tanuj Virwani, Aahana Kumra, Chirag Bajaj, Charlie Chauhan, Gireesh Sahdev, Rachel White, Kunwar Amar and Sanjjanaa Galrani. The series also boasts of seasoned actors like Shishir Sharma, Ayaz Ahmed and Nina Sarkar in exciting roles.

Madhur adds “Raj Kapoor always used women as a metaphor to showcase the changing face of the society. He finely weaved stories with women in the centre of the plot, but always added drama by making her relations go through different emotions. It would also be apt to add that these stories were way ahead of their time and had a bold backdrop setting. In ‘Lips Don’t Lie’, we have four stories aptly titled after Raj Kapoor films, though they are nowhere similar to the films at all. It would be more appropriate to call them a modern take to these titles viz-a-viz the storyline”. Madhur Agarwal had earlier directed contents like “Whats Your Status” and Karan Singh Grover’s “Selfie”.

Gemplex Chairman & MD Mr. Prakash Tiwari said “We are quite excited, can’t wait for the series ‘Lips Don’t Lie’ to release and hear from the audience themselves as to what they feel. We have tried to get back to the roots of great storytelling with a modern view in our next release. Our valued customers would be pleasantly surprised by our choice of content this time around”.

Lips Don’t Lie is a romantic thriller which promises to be spine chilling experience based on love and relationships with extraordinary twists and turns, premiering worldwide on 25th October 2020 on Gemplex. The trailer just released and is garnering rave reviews from the audience.

Watch the trailer here:

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