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Love Shagun is my directoral debut: Saandesh Nayak

Saandesh Nayak

Saandesh Nayak is actor turned director. Love Shagun is his debut film as a director, a director without any previous experience in direction, not even as an assistant director.

Saandesh humbly accepts, “I have never assisted any director before, nor attained director knowledge thru academics.”

However, that doesn’t imply that he is a novice in filmy town.

1987 was the year of the stepping stone towards acting when he was a part of theatre in Bhopal. Subsequently there have been numerous Television Serials like Say Salaam India, CID and DD Serials. He has even anchored ETC Seasons.

He has been on TV, theatre and films, and worth a mention is Mansoor Khan’s Josh (2000) which signifies the fact that he isn’t an outsider in Bollywood. He is one of the founders of the Web TV channel – Bumper clap online.

Saandesh has been writing this film since 2 years. Once done, he met Shreyas Talpade who was impressed with the subject and he then suggested that Saandesh direct this film himself considering various nuances of this rom-com.

“His observation (Shreyas Talpade’s) invoked the urgency in me and then I started writing the screenplay shot by shot. And yes Shreyas also suggested that Kartik is the ideal guy as a DOP and he really was,” mentions Saandesh.

Love Shagun analysis the thought process of a bachelor who is torn between his mother and his heart.

“My protagonist has set his mind on the required parameters in a girl. But then he realizes that marriage is about learning and then moulding oneself to come in terms of dealing with imperfection. Another aspect about marriage is that one can never guage the compatibility of one’s life partner in one or two meetings. This is what my film is about,” narrates Saandesh.

He further adds, “My film is about conflict between traditional values and beliefs vis a vis new age necessities. I personally feel that marriage is about respecting relationships. One should do best with whatever he gets and whoever is in his destiny.”

The director briefs us about the 7 characters of his film which represent seven features and pecularities – Responsibility, selflessness, adjustment, lust, devotion, lust and being an opportunist.

About Love Shagun:
JD, a young man is at an important stage in his life of choosing a life partner. Looking like a plain situation which all youngsters go through, JD is accompanied by an unusual combination of problems, one of a persistent pressure of marriage from his mother and second of the astrological predictions surrounding them. Caught in a fix, JD fights the battle with his three friends, Sandy, Sumit and Deepak who have their own definitions of love.

All three friends try different solutions to get JD’s life sorted and plan to find a girl for him whom he can divorce. JD in the middle follows all the tricks and plans and ends up meeting Tia, a modern and independent girl who follows her own mind. But much to their surprise, the story unfolds differently and JD finds himself in a larger soup than he had imagined. Between following his mother or his heart, JD is caught in a problem that does not seem to solve.


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