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Leila Albayati’s BERLIN TELEGRAM screened at DIFF 2012

Take a plane, stop fly away,
stop you’re going to become someone,
stop I believe in you, stop I’m doing this for us,
stop Leila is a musician.

She is heartbroken, a sudden breakup comes like a hectic telegram. It’s a moment of choice. To start protecting herself or to change, start over? To cut herself off from everything: life, surprises, love… but not smoking? Leila changes her life. She is putting herself at risk again because that’s what is called living It’s a road movie, a journey both physical and mental, a story of crossing paths. The encounters Leila makes will teach her to re-open her eyes to the world around.

This is what surmises the internationally acclaimed Iraqi-French singer-song writer and now a successful film maker’s latest film which was screen amidst huge applause at the Dubai International Film Festival 2012.

Berlin Telegram is modern musical road movie Starring Leila Albayaty, Hana Al Bayaty, Eric Ménard, Julien Faure, Marc Barbé, Sebastian Blomberg, Maryam Najd, Tarek Atoui, Cristoforo Spoto, Alain Rylant, Abdul Albayaty, Simone Albayaty. Directed By Leila Albayaty and Written By Leila Albayaty & Marylise Dumont. It is Produced By Julien Sigalas (Stempel – Brussels) & Martin Hagemann (Zero Fiction – Berlin)

Here is an exclusive interview of Laila AlBayati with FILMY TOWN:

Filmy Town: Tell us what made you pick this subject?
Leila Al Bayati: I personally am a dreamer and the story of this film is based on true things which I visualised, I experienced all through it and then finally brought it on the big screen.

Filmy Town: What is Berlin Telegram about?
Leila Al Bayati: It is a biopic and about the protagonist Leila (Leila Al Bayati) who is a singer-songwriter who lives in Brussels. When Antoine, the man she is in love with, suddenly walks out on her for another woman, she leaves for Berlin to start a new life. Before closing the door of her apartment for the last time, she films herself in a mirror, vowing, one day, to send Antoine the images of her new life.

Filmy Town: So what is her motive?
Leila Al Bayati: It is to seek her revenge. She is utterly disgusted with what has happened to her and wants to make things straight.

It is about breaking all the shackles of life of a woman who is heart broken. She is deserted by her love, and then embarks upon a journey to recover. The destination unkown, but she is clear in her mind seeking a drastic change in her life, her personality.

Filmy Town: So is it an emotional drama?
Leila Al Bayati: It’s a musical road-movie that travels to Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon and Cairo with Leila as our guide . A story of crossing paths, re-learning to live, and opening yourself up to the world. Antoine will never get to see the images.

Filmy Town: And the lyrics and music in this film?
Leila Al Bayati: The film has a lot of music and songs which carry forward the story. I have penned the lyrics and even sat at the editing of the final cut.

Filmy Town: Has it made a theatrical release in the West?
Leila Al Bayati: Not yet. It has been screened at several international film festivals, and we are looking forward to have a commercial release soon.

Filmy Town: What is in the film which would attract a cinegoer go the the theatres?
Leila Al Bayati: Berlin Telegram belongs to the avant-garde genre. It is a forward looking film and has an unconventional subject. It is an emotional film and I am sure it would make people think.

Leila Al Bayati’s Filmography:

VU (2009)


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