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Lauren to teach dance to under privileged

Lauren for the underprivileged

Lauren Gottlieb is someone who has come from the west and have made a mark in the Bollywood industry.

We all know the fact that Lauren is a great dancer and loves to teach dance as well.

And recently Lauren have got the opportunity to do so.

Lauren’s close friend who takes care of under privileged girls have asked Lauren if she could teach those girls dance.

And without any doubt Lauren said yes, she have promised that she will take time from her busy schedule every week and will teach those girls dance.

Her love for dance and an indisputable talent has made her go beyond the glitz and glamour and take on the wonderful and altruistic opportunity of teaching dance to the underprivileged girls.


When contacted Lauren for the same she said “ I feel great that I have been blessed with a talent and I want to make full use of it by passing it onto those who don’t have all the access they deserve to certain kind of a knowledge.

It is a best feeling to give back specially to those who don’t have the knowledge and the resources to learn something new”.

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