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Javed Jaffrey sings for Marathi Film – Youth

Youth Marathi film music launch

In Youth- Badal Ghadvaychi Takaad – the movie there ought to be some youthful music

At the music launch ceremony of upcoming Marathi film ‘Youth-Badal Ghadvaychi Takaad’ actor Javed Jaffrey stole the show with rendering a number which is, for the first time, sung by himself for the film.

‘There are four songs which ought to appeal to the youth” mentioned the versatile actor, dancer and now a singer, Javed Jaffrey who has rendered the rap song ‘Band Kar Raag….Dokyat Geli Aag’.

Producer Sundar Sethuraman says, “The film is based on the excitement and expectations of young generations. More so it tackles the most relevant subject of drought in the hinterland of Maharashtra”. Sundar is the CEO of The Voice Bank, a Sub Agency which has produced Radio spots, audio visuals and ad-films since years.

Says Sundar Seturaman, “All the four songs are sung by many youth voices, like the vibrant song ‘Paani Harawala, Koni Te Chorala‘ a bharood sung by Swanand Kirkire, a romantic ‘Je Hote Mala, Hote Ka Tula‘, love song which marks the debut of Arman Malik with ‘Bedhund Befikir Uhnad Wara Mi Majhya Isharyavar Chale Dunia Hi’ and another youth song in the voice of Chinmay Hulalkar,Jagdissh Pawar and Shalmali Kholgade.”

Coming from the advertising background, this is Sundar’s debut as a film producer. “I have made several ad films with Rakesh Kudalkar, and I have seen it in him that he has a contemperory approach towards his story telling. Hence I found him the numero uno choice as the director for this film which reasonates with the masses and approaches several burning issues of the society”.

Youth- Badal Ghadvaychi Takaad

Youth- Badal Ghadvaychi Takaad – the film’s music is rendered by Vishal Jagdish, Choreography by Fulawa Khamker and is directed by debutant director Director Rakesh Kudalkar.

Other credits of the film are Dialogues, Story and Screenplay by Vishal Chavan and Yug, DOP by Chetan Shinde, Art Direction by Devaji Sakpal, Costumes by Bhagyashree, Mihir and Ashwin.

Sunder mentions, “We have taken famous youth icons of the Marathi film industry, like Neha Mahajan, Akshay Waghmare, Meera Joshi, Akshay Mhatre, Ketaki Kulkarni, Shashank Jadhav who are paired with veterans Vikram Gokhale and Satish Pulekar.

On asking Sundar how he selected this subject, he said, “Anand Nadkarni of A-1 studio recommended this interesting subject that eventhough various political parties have ruled the state, nobody has solved this agrarian crisis. The subject is need of the hour.”

It is an interesting story when a college reunion happens. This film gives a very strong social message to the politicians. A very hard hitting message to these politicians who have become immune to farmers suicides,” adds Sundar.

“Youth across various societies will relate to this problems as they will feel engaged. Lets garner the power of youth in this digital environment. Lets bring a change,” adds Rakesh Kudalkar, the director.

“You cant solve the problem by just donating the money. Hence, we are focusing two villages Pahadi Targar and Jivachi Wadi in Beed district,” Sundar said.

On summing up their project, they unitedly declared, “There is entertainment. There is a social message. Yet it doesn’t look preachy. Maybe, now we feel that producing this film is a way of Venting frustration against corruption in the system.”

‘Youth- Badal Ghadvaychi Takaad’ releases in June 2016 all over Maharashtra.

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