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This International Women’s day Parul Yadav shares her first and last journey on top of a truck’s cab

Parul Yadav's inspirational message on this women's day

That was the first moment of standing her ground against gender based discrimination. The shattered Parul Yadav shares an inspirational message by quoting Sarah Grimke on International Women’s Day.

Talented actress Parul Yadav who always stands against inequality or injustice happens with any woman. She shared some inspirational messages on her social media platforms:

I still remember as if it was of local celebration without the rampant commercialization you see these days. As soon as the truck with our local Ganpati was loaded and ready to move I joined all the boys from our building and clambered upon top of the cab. Having gotten there ahead of all the boys I found the best spot bang in the center and was waiting with bated breath for the exciting journey to the beach!

Imagine the shock when I was rudely ordered off the truck by the guys around. Just like that. No reason ascribed. I looked around me and found boys of my age all around me and no one was asking them to get off. I realised that I was being ‘offloaded’ because ‘girls weren’t allowed’ and it was instinctively unacceptable to me that I was being held to a different standard. So I refused to climb down till someone went and fetched my Dad. He tried to convince me that it was unsafe but when I insisted that I should be allowed to sit there if the boys were allowed, he relented. And I had my first and last journey on top of a truck’s cab!! And my first moment of standing my ground against gender based discrimination.

For me, #SarahGrimke said it perfectly – “I ask no favour for my sex.. all I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks”.

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