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Indian Filmmaker Rohit Arora is the latest discovery of 52nd Worldfest Houston in United States

Rohit Arora, The Pickup Artist

There must be something about Rohit Arora’s movie that appeals to American audience

World’s oldest independent film festival “Worldfest Houston” which discovered the likes of Steven Spielberg (Director, Jurassic park), George Lucas (Director, Star Wars) , Ang Lee (Director, The Life of Pi) , David Lynch (Director, Mulholland Drive), Coen Brothers (Director, Barton Fink) and Francis Ford Coppola (Director, The Godfather) is all set to Premiere Indian Feature Film “The Pickup Artist” directed by Rohit Arora.

“After New York, Texas is our 2nd selection within United States; there must be something about the movie that appeals to American audience,” mentioned Rohit Arora.


“I have never heard of an Intellectually mind-bending movie coming out of India, I don’t think Bollywood’s school of thought supports that sort of Cinema. We are either mass commercial or try to package really bad movies in the name of parallel cinema. And mostly just carry forward a copy-cat culture of doing things without focusing on innovation. I see The Pickup Artist setting an example for innovative content and treatment for Indian Filmmakers. Watch the movie and you will know that the bar is set really really high now. And this is just the beginning, I made this movie with extremely limited resources and mostly working alone handling all the departments on my own. When I have sufficient resources, a good team I could trust and a big studio backing, the world will be surprised to see the kind of cinema I create,” exclaims Rohit Arora enthusiastically after this 4 years of journey on the film finally brings him International accolades.

The Pickup Artist is produced by Roar Picture Company and is due for domestic release this year.

Rohit Arora creates a buzz in the West.

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