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Hotspot Videshi Ishq

The Show HOTSPOT VIDESHI ISHQ is based on cybercrime and fraud releases on 19th October 2021

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ULLU has been constant in curating content along the lines of real-life incidents. In the span of fewer than 3 years, the App has been rapidly increasing in Tier 1 as well as Tier 2 cities. ULLU App’s new show “Hotspot-Videshi Ishq” is a show based on cybercrime & monetary fraud. The show’s ensemble cast includes Ashwani Kaushal, Shikha Batra, Eshan Tiwari, Natalie Khachatryan and others in pivotal roles.

The trailer shows how a young female catfishes a boy of a small town in Lucknow and asks him to pay money to the customs in exchange for the gifts that she mentions she has sent to the guy. Simultaneously she does this with some other person but gets caught in her own trap and gets exposed.

In today’s world, crimes are not only related to murders or suicides. There has been a rapid increase in crimes related to financial frauds and cyber bully/blackmail…

People must be vigilant and aware of such scams & frauds. To bring notice to the audience, ULLU has a series of episodes under the show HOTSPOT which will link to various such crimes

Produced by Vibhu Agarwal & ULLU Originals, HOTSPOT VIDESHI ISHQ will premiere on 19th October 2021 only on ULLU app.

How far would a doting father sacrifice his ethics just for his daughter’s happiness?

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