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Gulshan Monji launches her horror-thriller: BHAYAM

BHAYAM film announcement

Ghosts exist in your mind, says producer Gulshan Monji speaks about her upcoming film BHAYAM

“Bhayam is a story depicting natural horror which leads to several horrifying sequences happening one after another. It will gel with the new generation of Millennials,” announced Gulshan Monji at the grand first look event of ‘Bhayam’ which is all about Thrill, obsession and action.

“While most of the established actors must have already done this genre of horror thrillers. Therefore we thought it appropriate to cast the newcomers who provide a fresh interpretation of the horror genre. We have done extensive research on the subject of this psycho-horror phenomenon,” adds Gulshan Monji, a Masters in Psychology graduate about her debut Bollywood film as a producer.

Bhayam’s grand party was held under the banner of Om Shree Entertainment in association with Sheesh Chitra Entertainment, announcing the upcoming film Bhayam which was attended by Producer Gulshan Monji, Director Veer Narayan and the films cast that included – Gaurav Chansoria, Ankita Kashyap, Beena Bhatt, Simba Nagpal, Sparsh Sharma, Rituraj Singh and Deepraj Rana.

Among the other guests were Shahid Rafi, Mushtaq Khan and Ali Khan who attended this majestic launch.

Veer Narayan who assisted S S Rajamouli for almost a decade, is the writer-director of this film. Nayab Ali Khan is the music director and Imran is the choreographer. The executive producer is Deepak Koli and Sahil J Ansari is the cinematographer.

Pivotal roles in the film are enacted by Gaurav Chansoria, Ankita, Beena, Simba Nagpal, Sparsh Sharma, Rituraj Singh and Deepraj Rana. Speaking on the occasion producer Gulshan Monji said “I instantly liked the script when I first heard the narration of Bhayam and decided to produce this film under my banner. It will be a delight for audiences who look after seeing an edge of a seat thriller.”

Bhayam film is a horror-psycho thriller. “The word Bhayam means Fear. The story is all about obsession for someone. Its a love story of Shree and Myra which no longer exist due to clashes between their families. Shree and Myra are shown as film making students who visit a haunted hill to shoot their short film where they along with their others friends as a final project for their film-making graduation thesis. When they go to the hills for shoot they experienced some supernatural activities. All of a sudden the group members begin to go missing and hence the subject of obsession, thrill, horror and action clearly defines the name of the film,” Veer Narayan revealed the subject of the film.

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