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GUJARAT THI GOA, Gujarati film’s shoot held on five star luxury cruise

Gujarat Thi Goa

Gujarat Thi Goa (Gujarat to Goa) could well be the first Gujarati film that is being shot on a cruise.

Smit Vandan Film Production’s film GUJARAT THI GOA mahurat schedule was recently completed. For the first time in the history of Gujarati films, the shoot was held on a five star luxury cruise. Actor Rajdeep, a renowned name in the Gujarati film industry, is now a day busy shooting his debut Gujarati film GUJARAT THI GOA as a producer-director. Rajdeep hired a luxury cruise to shoot important scenes of the film.

How far would a doting father sacrifice his ethics just for his daughter’s happiness?

The shooting commenced on this five story luxury cruise that has a casino, bar, dance floor, dining hall, luxury cabins for relaxing in addition to the food and drink facility with DJ zooming on the upper deck of the cruise. It was an experience of a different world.

Speaking about the shooting on this cruise, Rajdeep said, “Recently we completed the shoot on the cruise. I will not reveal more as the scenes being filmed on the cruise are the turning point of the story of the film.”

Asked about the story of the film, Rajdeep answered, “GUJARAT THI GOA is the story of two young men of rich fathers who get into trouble due to wrong companionship and their efforts to get out of it. There is also a nice message for today’s youth.”

Under the banner of Smit Vandan Film Production, the film is produced by Smita Barot, Mukesh Patel, Shailesh Patel, Vandana B. Raval. The music is composed by Shivam Bakshi, lyrics penned by Hemant, Keshav Rathod and Mahil Pallavi. The album has four songs with different moods. The story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Rajdeep, action by Dilip Yadav.

GUJARAT THI GOA stars Akshat Irani, Yash Shah, Tanu Rathod, Hridaya Singh, Sahil Khan, Shekhar Shukla, Meenakshi, Atmaram Tripathi, Shahrukh Sadri, Bharat Brahmabhatt, Smita Barot, Vandana Rawal, Amy, Dimple, Aasmi, Raju Panchal, Diving Rawal, Jagrutibahen, Praveen, Roshni Rathod, Ashish Sukhadwala along with ace actor of Bollywood Shakti Kapoor and Rajdeep.

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