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Get to know the players of ‘Prassthanam’

Amrya Dastur in Prasthanam

Sanjay Dutt’s maiden production venture ‘Prassthanam’ which is a thrilling drama has created a lot of anticipation with an intense world showcased in the film. The film which revolves around family and relationships has a lot of interesting characters that will be the turning point in the storyline. While we await the release of this rustic tale set in Lucknow, we introduce you to each character of the film.

Sanjay Dutt as BALDEV PRATAP SINGH – The King

A powerful leader, a caring father and a loving husband. But will his character waver when  one of his erratic sons flares like a wildfire consuming everything that comes his way?  Baldev is vulnerable that comes with power. 

 Manisha Koirala as SAROJ – The Queen

The Mother Earth that suffered generations of bloodshed and a war for power and dominance. The purest soul and the angel of love. When the chaos strikes, is the one that’s losing from all ends?

 Ali Fazal as AYUSH BALDEV SINGH – The Heir

A son with integrity, an upcoming politician under his father’s footsteps who doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile for what he believes to be right. Will he uphold his integrity, a war for legacy that shatters many of his strong held beliefs? Ayush is the candle within each of us that separates right from wrong. 

 Satyajeet Dubey as VIVAAN BALDEV SINGH – The Bloodline

The unattended, vulnerable and temperamental son who is after what he is not born for. A ticking time bomb that is going to shatter everything and everyone out of their orbits. Vivaan is the chaos within each one of us that manifests what comes out when unleashed.

Jackie Shroff as BAADSHAH – The Loyal Guard

The loyal guard, the lethal weapon, Baldev Singh’s right- hand man and the shadow that knows much more than what the rest of the world knows about Baldev. When chaos stokes, is he going to uphold his loyalty? Or add on to the chaos?

Chunky Panday as BAJWA KHATRI – The Opportunist

The Sakuni and absolute opportunist who is right in his methods but wrong in his mind. Is he with Baldev or against him or both? When he is both, that’s when he is most dangerous.

Amyra Dastur as SHIVI – The Truth Seeker

A chirpy girl with an investigative mind who understands that a political thesis about corruption is not just a subject to study anymore. How’s she related to the chaos and order is she going to contribute?

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