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Delhi’s Urvashi qualifies for Mrs India UK 2018 Pageant Finals

Urvashi Salaria Chawla

One of the finalists for the forthcoming Mrs. India UK pageant, Urvashi Salaria Chawla represents Indian married women in the UK

Urvashi Salaria Chawla from Delhi, India is a finalist for “Colors TV UK presents Mrs. India UK 2018 organized by BrandWok”.

Mrs. India UK is a unique pioneer pageant in the United Kingdom for British Indians and Asian married women residing in the United Kingdom.

Urvashi Salaria Chawla is a successful entrepreneur in the makeup industry who owns a beauty studio in India and is an esteemed Asian Bridal Makeup Artist in London.

Academically she’s a journalism graduate, worked in the aviation industry, a beauty blogger and now she’s representing married Asian women residing in the UK in such a massive platform.

She has been married and residing in London for 4 years. She is an environmentalist by nature who believes in spreading awareness about climate change.

Urvashi is very much into a lot of plantation drives and also has been closely associated with volunteering in environmental activities like WWF Earth Hour campaign. Urvashi believes in expressing the notion of “beauty with a purpose”. She will be competing with 30 other multi-talented finalists.

Mrs. India UK aims to encourage, empower women and provide opportunities to married women. It ensures learning, development, building confidence and strengthening the bond between diversified cultures of Indians abroad. Urvashi and all the other contestants of Mrs. India UK have been going through intensive training with various mentors.

These contestants have had sessions for fitness, catwalk, acting, photoshoot and much more during this journey. Urvashi tells, “Our mentors have been super helpful and supportive throughout our journey focusing on individual attention. Not just that – they’ve been mentoring us through online sessions too.”

Urvashi had recently won the subtitle of Mrs. Glamorous at Mrs. India UK 2018.

The finale of this beauty pageant is on 15th April at Hilton Tower Bridge, London.

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