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CIF – Crime Investigation Force to be aired on Dangal TV on weekends

CIF - Crime Investigation Force

Get set to watch a realistic crime investigation show CIF- Crime investigation Force on Dangal TV

Mumbai, 05th September 2019: Abhay Sharma’s CIF – Crime Investigation Force, the powerful team of Aditya Srivastav, Dayanand Shetty and Dinesh Phadnis are the rejuvenated Crime Investigation Force, ready to feed the hunger of realistic investigation enthusiasm. Produced by Abhay Sharma of White Sand Productions the latest show CIF – Crime Investigation Force will be telecast on Dangal TV every Saturday and Sunday at 09.30pm from 7th September 2019.

Starring famous Television faces in the crime segment Aditya Srivastav, Dayanand Shetty, Ansha Syed, Dinesh Phadnis, Abhay Shukla, Avdhesh Kumar were present along with the producers and Dangal Channel’s Creative Supervisor Harina Chandan along with the team to address the media.

Abhay Sharma mentioned, “Although the show CIF- Crime Investigation Force might appear similar to the Investigative serials, with few common and well known faces but their character is totally different, where Aditya Srivastav is the Brain of CIF team, Dayanand Shetty is the physical strength. Ansha Syed is the sharp shooter, Dinesh Phadnis solves the case with his orthodox skills and Piyush Mehta is the white hacker of the team. Narendra Gupta is a Forensic expert and Avdhesh Kumar and Abhay Shukla are the integral part of the team.”

“The highlight of CIF – Crime Investigation Force  is lead actor Aditya Srivastav and Dayanand Shetty who will be seen together once again in a crime investigation show,” revealed Sharma.

Abhay Sharma and Dangal creative supervisor Harina Chandan are quite excited for this new project. Harina quoted, “CIF is a crime investigation show where we need different and tough crime scenes and how our CIF team will decode it.Its quite interesting a lot of faces are known and I am really impressed by the hard work of the team.”

Expressing his view for the CIF, Dangal CMD Manish Singhal said, “Dangal channel has always endeavoured to present a vast variety of entertainment for every age group. Crime segment has always been a popular one amongst our viewers so this time we are coming up with a new crime show CIF- Crime investigation force. We have high hopes from the audience that would give us their support and love like they did for all our other shows. With such interesting cast we are quite adamant about the success of the show.”

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