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BLINK – Short film review

Blink - Short film review

‘Blink’ and miss a tale of two realities

Rating: 7/10 Stars
Duration: 15 minutes
Cast: Aniruddha Joshi, Vimmy Bhat, Abhiruchi
Director: Atmaja Bopardikar

By Pawan Gupta

At the onset let us say it is a novel concept, it is for the intelligentsia and not for the Hoi-poloi.

Here is a man living in two parallel realities and is losing it as he is not able to come to terms with his own reality.

BLINK is about parallel dimensions where the past, present and future are all taking place simultaneously. Time or its paradox is blurred and the protagonist has somehow been able to be in touch with both realities – simultaneously and alternating between them, yet finds it unmanageable to control it.

It leaves us with a question what if such an experience happens to one of us, then how would we have dealt with it? The probabilities are open, like one progressively begins to lose it, or even thrust the frustration upon his spouse thereby leading to a chaotic matrimonial life. And then several others…

Probably, keeping this outcome in mind, the maker has left it open-ended.

BLINK is BIG on idea but for the average viewer it lacks in content. It is exciting even to think what and how many spin-offs this can lead to if one gets hold of the concept and develops it.

Atmaja Bopardikar, the writer-director has deftly handled the subject with maturity and a balanced mind without thrusting any of her views upon the viewers mind. Unlike the other Bollywood shorts makers, the director has stayed away from self-indulgence in particular keeping such a sensitive subject in mind.

FilmyTown appreciates such creative minds. Eagerly looking out for such mind-taxing and worth-pondering content from Atmaja Bopardikar.

Presented by Anthelion Films
Produced by Akanksha Bopardikar
Written & Directed by – Atmaja Bopardikar
Sound Design and Background Score by – Rohan Puntambekar
Cinematography by – Deveng Gole
Camera Assistant – Sagar Dawane
Editors – John Joseph & Sauket Kokate

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