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Aranav Kumar: New Handsome hunk in B Town

Aranav Kumar

Aranav Kumar is a martial art practitioner trying his fate in Bollywood. Not only a good actor, he is also trained in martial arts. His love to this art led him to know more about this art and the road led him to the Shaolin School in Shandong Province in China.

At the age of 14, Aranav discovered this particular talent within. Like most of the teens, he was a puny guy most often being a victim to the bullying and mostly got beaten by his colleagues as was too weak and incapable of facing those situations, but once the boy found his inner instinct he not only started training on his own he now started throwing punches on wall and tried all the variations of kicking.

This young lad had the opportunity to get a bit of training from his school teachers of martial arts, but he could not learn much as he had to get busy with his studies and regular life.

Again at the age of 16 he decided to go to Pune and take this seriously, so in 2004 he left for pune to pursue martial arts but also he was keen to become an actor.

This newly developed hobby did not stop here after watching a series of Fight Quest documentary on Discovery Channel he got to know that foreigners can go to China and learn Shaolin martial art. He immediately packed his bags and left for
China to the learn martial arts in Shaolin Temple as he always been fond of Monks.

Aranav is a big fan of Jacky Chan, Jet Lee and Donnie Yen.

When he arrived at Shaolin school he realize that life over there will not be easy..,

The 1st week training was so hard that he couldn’t walk properly and his master use to beat him which made him upset.. training was so hard that he use to get upset he use to sit on mountain and think whether his decision of coming to China was right?-

He persisted and stayed there for four months and then he took a decision that its enough now and that he ought to go back to India as he couldn’t take more pain.

When he returned then he realize what he is missing in life, He began missing his training, his master’s shouting and the beating. He demonstrated what he learned in China during his 4 months and his friend use to be impressed. For the first time in his life people clapped on his performance, he realized that his master use to beat him for good .. and since he was not good in studies or anything but this is the first time that people were appreciating his talent. He then realized that this is what he was born to do… and then he started missing China and so one day he decided that he will go back to China and train no matter how hard the training will be he will train.

This time he was determined to pursue further, and left for china and stayed there for 3 years, during this period he participated in competitions and and then won gold medal, after which the school awarded him scholarship for his outstanding performance.

Day by day he was getting better… Having trained in a Shaolin form, 2 Shaolin weapons, 3 Shaolin animal forms, 4 Sanda techniques (Chinese kick boxing), 5 Tai qi and 6 Qin na.

In one competition he broke his nose and got knocked out, he was still training and his nose got worse he couldn’t breath properly from his nose he use to breath from his mouth when his master ordered him to go back to India and see a good doctor but this time, he didn’t want to come back as he didn’t want to miss his training.

Unfortunately, one day it got very serious and he had to come back to India and had to go through an operation in Delhi, since then he is in India and misses China…

Yet, he hasn’t given up with his training and trains everyday, Now its  a part of his daily life!

Aranav has now come to Mumbai and enrolled in acting school  (Vidhurs Kreating character acting school) and aims to do action movie where he can showcase his Shaolin martial art.

When he sees a Bollywood villain getting beaten by hero he feels bad, as in real life its not that easy to beat a villain but coz in India the villain sare not depicted in a fighthting fit physique, and wants to change that… He wants to give a tough competition to the hero.

Aranav is a newcomer in filmy town, he is professionally groomed in acting by Vidhur’s Kreating Character Acting School Mumbai. With his learning in Martial arts in China Shaolin temple for 4 years and having Won  gold medals in various Martial arts competition, this lad is to be watched out for giving the hero a tough time.

Personal Details – Aranav Kumar:
Height 5.11
Age       26
Weight 70
Waist    32
Eyes colour: Brown

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