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Amrita aur Main is about Pure, Divine Love

Amrita aur Main, short film

Deep in my heart, I love Amrita… will love her till eternity.

This passionate feeling was conveyed through the one on one talks with the debutant director Sumit Mishra during the press meet held in Mumbai recently.

Director of the film ‘Amrita aur Main’ Sumit Mishra had a tough time convincing his family to make a career in Bollywood. His father’s desire was to see his son settle down with a Bank job, or as a government servant.

Sumit is upbeat about the present generation of creative artists where parents today encourage their kids for selecting fine arts and other streams.

When asked if the present generation would identify, understand and approve of Amrita’s love story Sumit took a pause and sermonized philosophically, ‘The subject remains the same, it is the medium which has changed”.

Yes, he is right, because in the last century, we had the concept of Penfriends and exchange of love through letters, now the medium of exchange of love is electronic like the email, text message, etc.

Thus the medium has changed but the purity of true love shall remain for ever.

Sumit Mishra has announced his next venture – a feature film based in Benaras which shall depict the three forms of the city of Temples – Shiv, Shav and Shakti. As Sumit says, “Shiva is incomplete without Shakti, so is Shakti incomplete without Shiva.

Sumit will be missing the advantages of making Short Films which he points out, “No Tension of Funding, Creative freedom, Happiness, Creative Satisfaction and Releasing the short thru the digital medium”.

Since Amrita aur Main, the short film is about pure, intellectual love, what was the difficult scene to handle while shooting? “Filming the final scene when Amrita dies was the most difficult moment for me personally. I felt so disturbed after this take, then throughout the night too as I could not sleep well,” ended the moist eyed Sumit.

This sums up the passion and sensitivity of this Debutante Director.

Excerpts of the interview of Sumit Mishra, director of the short film ‘Amrita aur Main’:
It is generally perceived that while working is a Biopic, that filmmaker is not much at his creative freedom, more so in this case of a notable personality’s script which needs to be mounted big canvas. What is your take on it?

Please do not slot ‘Amrita Aur Main’ into a Biopic category. We have depicted those 8 romantic phases in her life without adhering to the age old culture and customs and those orthodox beliefs, with complete honesty.


It often happens that the filmmakers tend to create a distinctive persona of the pivotal characters. In ‘Amrita Aur Main’, you have succeeded in created Imroz’s character. How true is it?
I honestly concede that I have used my imagination for creating Imroz’s character. Because I wanted to depict the intense and soulful love between Amrita and Imroz. I still haven’t come out of pure-spiritual live interlude.


What’s next?
For the moment, let me enjoy each moment of the success of ‘Amrita Aur Main’. Of course, I promise to try more harder to live up to the expectations.
Anyways, I have started my scripting of my next film – ‘Benaras’ through which I want to depict the three different aspects of the culture in Benaras. Apart from this I intend to work on the life sketch of the famed Pakistani poet Sara Shagufta.

Amrita and Emroz’s love was sacred, it was a spiritual connection. Their loves story is unconventional, unique and unconditional, where two individuals were able to go beyond physical attraction and walk in to the realm of divine.

Amrita and emroz never expressed there love to each other, because it was beyond the power of words to do so, every minute of life was witness of this pure spiritual love. they lived under the same roof but both lived in separate rooms, they enjoyed their individual freedom, as well as bonded over a cup of tea.

Emroz was a painter and Amrita was a writer. Emroz was younger to Amrita but yet he gave her a sense of belonging they shared a great equation.
Amrita’s love for Sahir is not unknown to the world, if Sahir’s love was a like a sky whom she looked up to, Emroz was that ground where she could sleep like a baby without worries, peacefully, experiencing bliss within. They never tied the knot but

Amrita’s most beautiful moments of life was spent with Emroz, they became lifelong companions, admiring and motivating each others creative energy, until one-day Amrita’s soul left her body, but she never left Emroz she still lives through her poems and will continue to live through Emroz’s paintings

This visually capturing movie is an attempt to relive those beautiful moments between Emroz and Amrita through Emroz’s memory lane

It’s also a small tribute to these great extraordinary individuals who define eternal love in the most artistic way



Amrita – Shruti Ulfat
Emroz – Jay Yadav
Director – Sumit Mishra
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue – Sumit Mishra
Cinematographer – Asit Biswas
Editor – Sejal Painter
Music – Saurabh & Durgesh

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