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Actors counsellor Vipul Bhatt believes in philanthropy of an altogether different kind

Vipul Bhatt's charity work

Actor’s counsellor Vipul Bhatt now provides Daily Auditions update to actors and from the subscription amount so collected, Bhatt does charity of an altogether different kind.
Vipul Bhatt has been in the Bollywood industry since around 2007, having done innumerable characters in films, serials, Television commercials and theatre. Through these years, Vipul Bhatt realized of the frauds operating rampantly by taking undue advantage of the newcomers in the filmy industry. Hence Bhatt thought of an idea of assimilating the daily auditions line up by genuine film and television producers and honest casting agents. Bhatt has helped several aspiring male and female actors through his VBDAU having his website at:

One of the most respected Daily Audition Updates provider, Vipul Bhatt, the actors counsellor is an unknown Philanthropist. “Not many of my subscribers know that almost 90% of whatever nominal amount they pay as monthly fees to receive the Daily audition updates goes into charity and holy deeds,” revealed Bhatt who is 60 plus, single and has no dreams of amassing wealth or any property for his personal gratification. “My only aim is to give back to the Society and Specifically, the Underprivileged,” he adds.

How far would a doting father sacrifice his ethics just for his daughter’s happiness?

Residing in a single room tenement in Charni Road area in South Mumbai, every fortnight Vipul Bhatt donates a Ration Kit which consists of wheat flour, basmati rice, sugar, jaggery, cooking oil, daily vegetables, split pulses and lentils for a family of four which approximately costs him over Rs 2,000 per Kit. There are about 30 to 40 such women who reach his home to collect the kit which actually supports them and their family to tide over the month.

These women of the lower income strata who earn their living through Cow-feed Donations. Most of these women reside in far flung suburbs of Mumbai and leave their homes early in the mornings, travel by local trains often taking about 2 hours of journey one way to come to South Mumbai. These women then fetch their regular cow from Gaushalas (shelter for the homeless cows) to take them to spots outside Hindu temples around South Mumbai. Of course a nominal amount has to be paid to the Cow Shelters for taking the cows along with them.

There are various temples and holy places in South Mumbai and to name the most important temples beginning from the Holy Babulnath Temple, Mumbadevi Temple, Gamdevi Temple, Walukeshwar Temple, the precincts of Holy Banganga Tank in the Southernmost tip of Mumbai which has over a dozen temples around its periphery. The other known temples in South Mumbai are the Mahalaxmi Temple, Siddhivinayak Temple and dozens of other temples in Grant Road area, Chowpatty, Charni Road, Malabar Hill, Nepean Sea Road, Breach Candy and C. P. Tank and Sikka Nagar areas which also include the Jain Temples known as Derasars.

Coming back to the routine procedure, these women have to buy grass and hay which is the staple food of the cows. Like humans even cows have sweet tooth and hence Laddoos (an Indian sweet made from a mixture of flour, jaggery or sugar and shortening, which is shaped into a ball) prepared with special ingredients are a favorite with the calves in particular.

The routine for Vipul Bhatt is that he supplies Ration Kits twice a month and then further supports these women on Saturdays by providing them a Complete Gujarati Thali. There are about 80 plus women who benefit by having weekly meals on every Saturday afternoon and then on alternate Saturdays they are gifted with the Ration Kits.

This Diwali was special for these Cow-Herd Women as Vipul Bhatt arranged for costly Sweets usually meant for people of higher strata. “I arranged for a Special Kit consisting of Samosas from Tiwari Brothers and Pedas and Barfis made out of pure Ghee so that the family of these downtrodden women actually get the feel of the actual happiness of Diwali,” said Bhatt who additionally donates Marathi Sarees, plastic kitchen containers for storing dal, rice, atta, pulses, sugar, etc and next he is planning to donate them plastic stools for them to sit comfortably outside the temples.

“I was amazed by the Holy deed undertaken by these underprivileged women who support their families, most of them having lost their husbands and are supporting their sons and daughters. Though these women toil throughout the day to perform their angelic deeds to feed the cows and in the process they earn barely to support their families, I thought of an idea that would bring more relief to them by providing ration kits and feeding them once a week. In the process I get their blessings and my happiness when I receive gratitude from their family,” ends Vipul Bhatt.

With sudden drop in monthly subscriptions in the current Pandemic phase, “The almighty takes care of me and I have full faith in Him. I will continue to do this till the end of my last breath,” feels Bhatt who, during the Pandemic period continued his regular schedule by even en-cashing his Fixed Deposits and Investment in Shares.

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